Where to find affordable art for purchase?

Where to find affordable art for purchase?

Till a few years back, the sad truth about the art world was its inaccessibility to all section of people. Only the elites were able to get their hands on such exemplary and breath-taking pieces of work.

Today, with globalisation and the advent of technology, anyone can acquire artworks. Aren’t you thinking “How are we going to afford such majestic pieces of work, we don’t have millions?”

To be honest, you don’t need massive capital to purchase art. Today, with a little bit of research and a bit of learning, you can end up with an alluring painting without putting much load on your pockets. Want to know how? Follow the below mentioned tips and know where you can find affordable paintings:


This image-based social media platform is proving to be a boon for art lovers. Since its inception in the year 2010, Instagram has been offering an impeccable space for the artists and the art aficionados.

You can search your favourite paintings here. For instance, if you are looking for contemporary artworks, #contemporary would do the trick for you. Similarly, #abstractart will offer you a plethora of abstract paintings and artworks published and shared on Instagram.

Different artists and even a majority of the current big names are using Instagram to share their work with a large audience. After all, this social networking site has a staggering 1 billion Monthly Active Users.

So, the next time you are seeking an affordable art, don’t even get up from your bed; just open your laptop and log on to Instagram to explore a mesmerising world of images and social network.


Talking of the affordable paintings and leaving Pinterest out doesn’t seem fair at all. With an MAU (monthly active user) base of 200 million, this image sharing social networking dais is another remarkable platform to find reasonably priced paintings.

Pinterest is a heaven for art bloggers that are continuously promoting their own or other artist’s work on this platform. You can directly contact the artists and even get in touch with the bloggers to get the constant update on the newest artworks.

Follow your favourite artworks and their related pages and try to find affordable paintings for yourself.

Online shops

Technology has surely offered wings to the artists who didn’t have the accessibility to reach the art aficionados. The only alternative was to collaborate with a brick & mortar gallery.

Today, with the rise of online websites such as Etsy and Artsy, artists can come up with their own virtual shops to exhibit their work to millions of art lovers. These shops unlike to the brick & mortar galleries do not charge the artists with a heavy compensation but a nominal price.

So, the prices of paintings at these shops are quite reasonable.

Online art galleries

There are a number of online art galleries that have emerged in the last decade. These online platforms showcase the work of various artists at one place. Art lovers can visit their website and look out for the most reasonable and viable artwork out of the thousands of paintings available there.

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