Top 5 Tips for Organizing a Wedding on a Budget

Top 5 Tips for Organizing a Wedding on a Budget

Organizing your big day can cause a lot of stress and worry, everything must go smoothly, and everyone needs to have a good time, right? You want your day to be the best they’ll go to all year, which means you’ve got to be strategic. This is especially true for all those on a budget, just because you have a smaller money pot towards your wedding day doesn’t mean to say you can’t have the most fantastic day of your life. Price and budget of your wedding shouldn’t define how much your guests enjoy themselves or the quality of your dress!

We’ve put together a list of top tips to help you in the organization of your big day; we’re hoping it’s going to make you feel a lot more content and happier with the day. You’re bound to feel anxious about the lead up to the day, but you need to enjoy yourself too. Using these tips, you can be super organized and stay in the budget also!

1. Streamline your Guest List

People often find their wedding stressful because of the number of people they’re inviting. If you and your partner both have big families, then it’s not going to work asking everyone including your friends. Simply invite the more intimate friends and keep your family as sparse as possible. A smaller guest list is sure to reduce your budget, especially on venue and food. We’d recommend thinking about the guest list before choosing a venue because you want a rough estimate of how many people will be coming before you choose somewhere. Don’t feel this process of not inviting your family because you don’t like them or don’t want them there, perhaps you can invite them to the after party in the evening and keep the daytime for very close family and friends.

2. Choose a Suitable Place for the Ceremony

There is a common misconception that when you’re on a budget, you can’t get a larger space to fit all your guests in. However, it’s all about research. Choose a suitable place for the ceremony on your budget by researching online. You can filter out the super expensive places, so they’re not even an option then visit the top 3 or 4 places you love. If you’re organized, you could even visit more and weigh up your options! Just ensure the place will fit everyone on your guest list as you don’t want people squeezing in.

3. Shop Online

Rather than going into retail and wedding stores to buy dresses, shop online. You can buy cheap, but high-quality wedding and bridesmaid dresses from popular and renowned websites. A store like JJ’s House is a good choice as they provide amazing customer service, they sell beautiful dresses, and they’re affordable. After searching on their website, we even found some cheap flower girl dresses. Who wouldn’t want a hoard of stunning flower girl dresses for a fraction of the store price?

4. Book a Simple Honeymoon

Look for deals online or book with a travel agent, but whatever you choose, ensure it’s simple and affordable. There are some beautiful places around Europe, and they’re always cheap, trying somewhere there may save your budget. If you want something a little more upmarket, then you’re going to be paying a huge chunk out of your budget which could go on a more expensive venue or food buffet. Ask for the daily deals or just do some searching yourself, there is plenty to choose from, and some of them are all inclusive too.

5. Opt for a Buffet

This is personal preference, but buffets are a lot cheaper and more affordable compared to a sit-down meal at your venue. Although you pay per head for both, it’s more likely that you’re going to please people with an array of food on a buffet over them having to choose a dish out of 2 options for a sit-down meal.

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