Planning for Wedding Cards

Planning for Wedding Cards

Looking for some handy tips for planning the wedding cards? We know how hard it is when you have got so much to take care of on that “wedding planning checklist”. Hence we bring you some handy tips that will help you in planning for wedding cards. Here it goes:

  1. Portray the style of wedding

Along with listing the “essentials” like date and time and venue of the wedding ceremony, your card is a little “sneak peek” of your wedding style too. If you have proceeded towards placing the order of your Indian wedding cards, you probably are aware of the “event style”. For instance, you are choosing something sleek and modern or are going with classic and elegant or are choosing casual and relaxed, your wedding invitation should be in sync with it.

  1. Know the “color-bows” of Indian wedding cards as well

Another tip in planning your wedding invitation is to know the wedding colors too. Which colors are you using for your wedding decor? Is it all pastel and elegant? Or are you going all playful with bold hues? You can use the same for your Indian wedding cards as well. For instance, if you are using teal as the color theme of your wedding, you can get your wedding invite printed in that mixed well with the classic font of any dark hue.

  1. Know the geometry of Indian wedding cards too

We are well versed with the conventional shapes and sizes of Indian wedding cards. But who said you have to go all the way like that? You can be all playful and can choose any customized design, shape, and size for your Indian wedding invitations. You can choose classic ones or can add modern vibes. Discuss all you want and see some Indian wedding cards samples online. That will help you in defining your style more specifically.

  1. Legibility is an important factor

As you’re choosing the colors and designs, don’t just consider the background of the wedding cards. The text is an important factor too as it constitutes of all necessary information to be delivered. Your designers for Indian wedding cards can help you in choosing the best color and fonts for the text. Try to avoid anything in light with a light background. Play with color contrasts as they tend to highlight each other. Your text will be highlighted by its contrasting hue and the same goes with your background hue as well. Also, consider the typeface of your “chosen font”. You don’t want to make it all illegible at cost of “enchanting designs”. Chose the flair of two in “one”.

  1. Others

The other tips include

  1. To be very specific and to the point with words. Include all relevant information like the whereabouts of wedding and more.

  2. To not go all overboard when it comes to content in your Indian wedding cards. Be very specific and include all the necessary information only.

  3. Place the order for Indian wedding cards in advance. You need good time in planning but then again the etiquettes and logic say to need invites three to four months in prior. It means to get them ready before that.

  4. Consider the budget too. You don’t want to spend it all on wedding cards for marking good impression.

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