How to Plan a Budget Wedding?

How to Plan a Budget Wedding?

If the budget won’t curb it all, probably every Indian wedding is a festivity in its own. But what if we tell you that you can plan a ravishing wedding too by making some more rational choices? The first one is by choosing the best designers for offering intricately elegant designs for wedding invites. You can save up your money too by designing your own Indian wedding cards. Here are a few other ways that will help you in planning a wedding in the budget.

Make a “Rational Choice” while choosing venues

You can save a lot by choosing the best venue for your budget wedding. Best venue need not be a 5 starred or 7 starred hotel. Instead of the fancy venues with their “hyped locations”, choose something more outdoorsy in suburbs or outskirts of the city. This will cost you much lesser and vistas will form the ideal backdrop for a romantic evening. You can exchange your vows with such spectacular views.

Also if you are a little inclined towards organising a wedding at the hotel, choose the off-season wherein they can offer you a special discount. A wedding on a weekday can also cut down the cost of the venue substantially. Also while choosing your venue or hotel as your venue, make sure they allow you to book your own caterers and decorators rather than sticking with the ones they are associated with.

The flair of DIY in decorations

Decorations form a substantial sector to spend on while planning a wedding. so one major sector you can come up with something effective to cut down the cost is decorations. You can cut down on natural flowers and can opt for artificial flowers to adorn it all. Also if you are choosing natural flowers, don’t go for offseason flowers as they cost more than seasonal flowers.

One way you can save up a lot is to go DIY on the decorations. Ask your friends and family members to show their “artistic skills” and decorate the venue on their own. Their help and assistance are more valued than those wedding gifts. You can seek aid from internet videos and can come up with some interesting ideas to decorate it all. This little “DIY” thing will add its own flair and will be totally cherished as one good memory.

Beautiful “late afternoons” for pre-wedding ceremonies

Indian wedding ceremony is the potpourri of several pre-wedding and post wedding ceremonies. A long week full of fun and festivities along with countless waves of laughter, everything about Indian weddings is alluring. While they surely add up to what Indian wedding really is but are not exactly;y budget friendly. Th3 simple way to save up on these is to shorten the guest list along with choosing late afternoons or early evenings for ceremonies. Choosing these times will result in spending less on lightings and power. As the sunlight is enough and the weather is also pleasant to show some really groovy dance moves. Also cutting down on guest list can help you with less cost on accommodations and catering.

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