Tips to Maintain Successful Long Distance Relationship

Tips to Maintain Successful Long Distance Relationship

As much people meets through online dating or at special occasions away from home, and as people get transferred to other cities for their jobs, long distance relationships have become more common. But maintaining long distance relationship is not as easy as it seems because sometimes relations are very challenging and sometimes it works out well.

Challenges a relationship face

If you are an insecure, anxious, needy or jealous person, then a long distance relationship is likely not for you. Until you learn to love yourself enough to not worry about what your partner is doing, and to take loving care of your own feelings, it will likely be very stressful for you.

If you are an extroverted person then not seeing your partner on a daily basis might be very hard for you, especially if you are a stay-at-home parent or you work at a job where you don't have much interaction with others.

Positive sights

If you are an introvert person who needs a lot of time alone to regenerate and loneliness works well for you to not be with the partner regularly.

If you or your partners are very busy personally & professionally and achievement-oriented people, then getting together on weekends or even once a month for a weekend might be a lifestyle that works for you.

If both you and your partner love to spend your time alone, then a long distance relationship might be a great deal for you.

If two of you love each other but you often trigger each other in ways that lead to distance or conflict, then not seeing each other as much might be just the thing that saves your relationship.

If you are a wanderer & love to traverse, very social person who makes friends wherever you go, and your partner is a quieter stay-at-home person then you might find that you each get your needs met through a long distance relationship.

If you tend to be a person who gives yourself up a lot and has a fear of engulfment, you might feel much safer in a long distance relationship.

Sometimes people who live in different cities meet one another and enjoy their relationship as long as they live apart. But fears of engulfment might get triggered if they make plans to live together.

It's important to be honest with yourself about whether or not a long distance relationship is for you.

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