Keep Elements of an Effective relationship

Keep Elements of an Effective relationship

The definition of love has been up for discussion since ages. Although we have come a long way, the definition of love and relationships seem ambiguous. It is safe to point out that every individual has a different definition of love.

Since all of us are different down to the last elemental fragment of our psyche, is there a way to keep our relationships effective? If you are someone who is looking to keep a relationship with a person, here are some magical elements to keep in mind, no matter what happens:

*Transparency is the core of your relationship

You may hear that being transparent in a relationship is the first step towards a healthy and effective relationship, more often than not. However, most of us are not able to practice the same in our lives.It may get tough, and sometimes you may come across various things in your life that you may not be comfortable in sharing with your partner. But remember transparency is the building block of your relationship. Transparency helps two people come closer; it helps you bare your mind and soul to your partner.


Humans have used signs and other symbols to communicate with each other since the time of early men, and have done it rightfully so. Communication helps you put your ideas on the table as well as your emotions and feelings.Speaking about your problems, telling your partner what you think at its most elementary level helps you keep things fresh. Don’t simply look for answers to “what to talk about with a girl or a boy?” Instead, find ways to effectively communicate with your partner without sounding stressed or irritated.

*Understand each other

Ever heard of the saying, “We are not on the same page” or “We don’t gel well together despite our emotions?” Well, you may think that it is true, in reality, you are the driving factor here. Two people need to understand each other to work together.It may be easy to turn a blind eye to certain things or simply accept certain things without understanding them. But the practice of turning away your gaze will cost you your relationship. Understand the person, understand what they like and why they are the way they are, this will help you keep your relationship afloat. Furthermore, make sure that you expect the same from your partner.

*Don’t judge each other

Sure enough, love comes in different forms, and no two kinds of love are the same, but every relationship has one rudimentary element, and that is no judgments passed, ever. The world is enough to judge you and your partner separately; do not make the mistake of doing that to yourselves.Everyone makes mistakes and two people who understand each other and accept each other for who they are works the best for couples. However, this does not mean that you need to accept negative parts or parts that are toxic. Make it a habit of breaking things down and gaining a perspective. This will help you understand if your partner’s point is justified or not. If it is, and you don’t like it, be polite about your thoughts but do not judge. Judgment will create a rift between you two.

Relationships can be hard. But remember to be as forthcoming and open about yourself to keep your relationship warm and effective.

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