How To Make Beautiful Chocolate Gift Packing Easily

How To Make Beautiful Chocolate Gift Packing Easily

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping is basically a generic term used to point out the act of enclosing a gift in some sort of material. Wrapping papers are used for the wrapping purpose but some of the people like to use gift boxes or bags. The psychology behind the gift wrapping is that it has a positive influence on the recipient who is more likely to rate the gift on the basis of the way it is presented i.e. its presentation.

Why do we wrap gifts?

There is no denying of the fact that stacks of beautifully wrapped presents send us into fits of joy. An unwrapped gift seems almost naked. Have you ever thought that why do we wrap gifts? The answer to the question is that the anticipation of opening up a decorative box tied up with a ribbon adds to the holiday excitement and having shiny papers of all sorts of designs make the experience more festive.

Chocolate Gift Packaging

Whether you enjoy visceral elation of ripping open the wrapping paper or the quite anticipation of peeling of the tape from the creases to reveal what’s inside wrapping paper makes the gift receiving experience whole. If the gift is great why bother with gift wrapping? Wrong, that’s totally a wrong; it is not about wrapping it in a decorative paper. It’s about going a step further, it’s like an icing on the cake. It adds another dimension and is the final flourish that completes a good gift.

The gifts increase the ideal modified touch to the whole gifting knowledge and if you identify how to make an attractive Chocolate Gift packing then you can absolutely win the heart of your individual whom you are giving the gift. A nice looking handmade chocolate gift wrapping can easily be used as a fun paper craft scene.

Stuff required to make a chocolate gift box

To make a beautiful gift packing you will need

  • Tissue paper or crepe paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Paper clips
  • A template
  • A small note
  • A cord or ribbon to tie
  • Chocolate


Step 1: gather two square sheets of paper

Step 2: print a template on the paper

Step 3: fold the sheets of tissue paper to fold them on both sides to have a ¼ of the initial square. Fasten the template on the sheet with the help of paper clips leaving the openings out

Step 4: cut the outline of the petals as far as the pattern is marked so that they are loose. Release the paper from the clips.

Step 5: unfold the tissue paper with your finger; turn the paper from the inside a little so that the petals are mismatched.

Step 6: pack your chocolate in a cellophane paper so you do not smear and place it in the center of the paper

Step 7: holding underneath, wrap the candy carefully with the paper and tie it forming the base of the flower. Use a crochet line.

Step 8: tie a label with a thank you message on the same line. You

Step 9: finish tying a satin ribbon to give a neat finish

Step 10: release the petal to give the final touch to your flower.

Either the gift is a watch or chocolate and candy, if wrapped in a creative wrapping makes it a bit more special for the recipient. The above chocolate packing can be made easily for giving a gift on any occasion. It can also be used as a candy cane for parties. You can also use your creativity and make custom chocolate boxes packaging all by yourself.

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