How to Buy Indian Paintings Online: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Buy Indian Paintings Online: A Comprehensive Guide

Everything was easy when we were kids. If we were hungry, we used to call our moms, if we wanted to play, we used to step outside our home, if we craved art, we used to draw & colour our favourite designs, landscapes, superheroes, etc on paper and pin it on our room walls. No wonder, things have changed and to such a great extent. Everything is so digital now.

Today, if you want to purchase art, you don’t even have to step out of your room. All you require is a smartphone, an internet connection, and you are good to go. Online art sector has boomed tremendously in the last 10 years. This rising has influenced the brick & mortar gallery impact and contribution to a greater extent. Commencement of big art galleries like Christie’s on the web shows how much significant the online world has become for the art sector.

For the artists, the online world has emerged as a saviour. The overall concept of ‘Starving Artist’ has diminished as a number of earning opportunities has emerged since the world has become digital. Artists can now put up their work on the online galleries, virtual shops, etc, can make social media pages, connect with the buyers directly, write about their art, and do a lot more.

Being an art lover in the present time is also quite fantastic. Earlier, like 3 or 4 decades back, accessibility of art was limited by the geographic location and only a handful percentage of the overall population used to get exposed by great art pieces. Today, everyone and anyone can make a bid or directly purchase a painting online. This is the power of the internet.

The Dilemma

All is not well for the buyers though. Art lovers who wish to get their hands on the exclusive pieces of art have to face some challenges too. Like, all of the online sellers will promise genuine pieces and delivery in time but not all actually follow their words. The result is that people end up buying duplicate pieces or delayed delivery.

Art is always best examined when seen from the front, in real. While you are getting mesmerised by the aesthetic and the serene value of painting looking at your phone, the assurance that you will be handled the same piece is necessary. Along with this, for all the convenience and ease that online purchase has offered, there comes risk too. So, there are various aspects that as an art lover you should keep in mind while on a pursuit to buy Indian paintings online. Here are some tips:

Know yourself

Being an art lover, a passion, emotion or a drive always pulls you towards the artistry. The conclusion that you love art comes from the ecstatic feeling that you experience inside your heart while looking at an exquisite art piece. Similarly, when you are seeking to buy Indian paintings online, you require to first take a peek inside your true-self. What inspires you? The elements of an artwork that captivates your interest the most and so on.

Sooner you find yourself easier it becomes to choose what sort of painting you really want to buy. A lot of newbies make the mistake of following the crowd. Never do that. Of course, you can take the idea to see what’s trending in the market but always go with what really compliments your consciousness.

Crosscheck the seller

It’s the online world and there are thousands of sellers in the market. A lot of websites and online galleries will promise you everything and anything but only a few of them will be able to meet your expectations. As a wise buyer, make sure to search as much as you can about the online seller. Use different social media platforms to check the genuinity of the seller. Seek advice from the professionals in your field and check for reviews from other buyers to see what sort of experience they had with the buyer.

Always request the quality certificate

One of the biggest merits of purchasing a painting from the conventional brick & mortar gallery is that you can actually see the art piece in front of you before you pay for it. In the online world, you pay first and then you get the piece delivered to your doorstep. This means that there is always a chance of ending up with a copied version.

Authentic and prominent online art galleries make sure to always provide a quality certificate along with the artist’s signature (in some cases) to inspire trust in art lovers. This is actually a magnificent way to judge the work sold on the web. So, make sure that your online seller is also offering the same without any excuse.

Be budgetary

The online art world is amazing because it does offer a remarkable amount of flexibility to the buyers in terms of finance. First of all, today, you can buy paintings for a mere $100 also. So, make sure to decide on the budget first-hand. Secondly, apart from the original paintings, there are several types of digital artworks that are available to buy like prints. These aesthetically imitated copies of famous paintings are delightful in terms of experience for art lovers.

So, the next time you even think to buy Indian paintings online, remember these tips and I am sure you will definitely end up with some mesmerising pieces for sure. Thanks!

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