5 Things a Professional Planner Will Tell You About Wedding

5 Things a Professional Planner Will Tell You About Wedding

A day loaded with full love and happiness is celebrated with your family, friends and loved ones that are what we call a marriage. The wedding is a celebration of togetherness, joining two souls and hearts for the lifetime. It is all about the wedding, but it doesn't end up here, a celebration of marriage demands a lot of planning to make it the most beautiful day of your life. It requires step by step planning and bulk of money too. It doesn't matter how much planning a couple and their parents does, but the wedding budget got imbalanced with some small and big costs which you forget to add in the list or appear suddenly. If you too are about to take the wedding vows soon, then we are here with the professional planning experts' sharp tips to tackle some of your biggest costs:

Prioritize your needs

The first thing to consider is that prioritize what you and your couple want in your wedding on priority. You both are a foodie; then catering must be the priority? You both want to flaunt your wedding style sense then clothing and venue décor should be on the priority to splurge money. You need to do is, just identify what is important and cut off the spending on the rest?

Prepare a backup of your budget

Our experts suggest that you need to allot a fixed percentage of an amount according to the requirement. For example: for catering & reception 50%, for gifts & invites 4%, jewelry & outfits 10%, 10% for a wedding planner or wedding cards etc. keep in mind to have some financial backup for any contingencies.

Prepare guest list wisely

We are serious here while making the guest list include your close friends, relatives, and family. Be practical, if you want to save money. You can organize a small get together for the remaining ones after the ceremony. But, for now, your guest must be limited.

Be smart while finalizing wedding venue

Getting married in a big city can cost you more, as prices are high in the major cities. You could find a beautiful place near the outskirts of the city; it will provide more space considerably. But research well before finalizing the venue, and negotiate on your level.

Save on the wedding stationary

You don't need to have a specific card for each celebration; you must have an inclusive wedding card for your marriage if you are serious about cost cutting.

These super ideas will help you to control unnecessary wedding expenses, and your smart decisions will add more beauty to the wedding planning.

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