Why Malaysia is Considered an Exotic Destination? - Travel Binz

Why Malaysia is Considered an Exotic Destination? - Travel Binz

Are you fed up with your daily rut of life? If yes, then plan a vacation with your family or friends. For the seekers of perfect entertainment and adventure, Malaysia is one of the most visited destinations. Situated at the connection of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, it is a place not worthy to be missed. It has everything you ask for. A trip to this amazing destination will make you feel rejuvenated like never before.

In recent times, Malaysia is attracting a plethora of tourists thus emerging as the large tourism industry. We, at Travel Binz, offers a wide range of customized Malaysia tour packages. Our experts make sure to enlist every worth-seeing sight on the itinerary so that you can cover maximum places at a minimum cost. Below are some of the destinations of Malaysia that make it truly an exotic city to be visited time and again.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia is home to a myriad of tourist attractions, colonial architecture, scenic beauty, astounding markets, and many other spectacular sights. TravelBinz When on a visit to this capital city, don’t miss to see Petronas Twin Towers popularly known as the world’s tallest twin skyscrapers. For shopaholics is a great place as it features expansive and sprawling shopping malls, vibrant street markets, and a lot of amazing stuff from all over the world.

Langkawi Beach

If you once visit Langkawi beaches, you will come back again for more. It encompasses exquisite islands that look undoubtedly stunning. Those who love water sports, this is a must-visit spot. It is highly renowned for its excellent diving opportunities and many other adventurous activities. Surrounded by turquoise sea, you will find the place engulfed in tranquillity and serenity. For nature lovers, this is truly a paradise.


This is another place profuse with natural beauty. Listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, it features a wide range of interesting sights. When on a tour to this food capital of Malaysia, don’t miss to pay a visit to sandy beaches, Snake Temple, landscape from the highest point of Penang Hill, Tropical Spice Garden, expansive shopping malls, and much more. Popularly known as Pearl of the Orient, this spellbinding place has everything to satiate your desires.


To imbibe the cultural values, visit Malacca. It gets you in touch with inheritance and traditions of Malacca. This historical site pleases the tourists with ancient landmarks, colonial structures, and many other valuable possessions that date back to past time. You will also notice the marks of British, Dutch and Portuguese forces in forts and museums of Malacca.

To make your travel to Malaysia highly convenient and affordable, trust Travel Binz Reviews. Our experts will customize your tour package as per your budget and needs. Our package filled with unlimited fun, entertainment and manifold of activities will keep you busy and let you make indelible memories. Give us a chance to make your tour flawless.

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