Travel Tips - Copenhagen, Denmark

Travel Tips - Copenhagen, Denmark

A cultural capital and a tourist hub, Copenhagen is an astonishing city that is loved by everyone. Known to the world as the City of Spires, this town-like city sends tinkles to all its visitors by showing them its pulsating side. For this reason, it stands out as one of the most colorful capitals or major cities in Europe.

Copenhagen - the beating heart of Denmark

Copenhagen is ideally located in Europe. The perfect setting makes it a gateway to Scandinavian countries in the North, and mainland Europe in the south. This place is truly the cultural heart of Scandinavia, and for this reason, it boosts the status of being one of the oldest metropolitan cities in the world. Also known as the Viking’s village, it is loaded with some great attractions and landmarks that are historically and culturally significant. Copenhagen has now become one of the most visited cities in the world. Swarmed with tourists all year round, it is indeed a world-class place to spend time with your loved ones and friends.

But Copenhagen wasn’t like this from the beginning. It has a long and rich historical association with different empires ruling it and trying to consolidate control over it. It became a Viking town in the 10th-century AD and a flourishing capital in the Danish Empire in 15th-century. It is home to historical structures, castles, palaces, and relics from early civilizations. It is also the birthplace of Fairy Tales, Disneyland, and amusement parks. So there are a lot of reasons to visit this city for everyone.

Traveling tips to Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a city with some marvelous sceneries. It has got a rich history, and the people are great to hang out with. The overall mood is a spirit lifter, and when you are visiting this city, the thought that comes to your mind is why can’t other cities be like it?

We have made this article to guide you plan a trip to this beautiful city. Use it to learn how you can plan an ideal vacation with your loved ones, friends, or even yourself.

The best way to get there

First things first, we will discuss how to get to Copenhagen in the best possible way. The ideal mode of transportation is through the air. But booking a ticket may require some skill with online booking in order to avoid being ripped off by airline companies. So we recommend you to try comparing flight rates and time on a travel agency’s website. You can find the cheapest flights to Copenhagen, along with their timing that suits you the most. It will allow you to plan your travel flexibly as well as with some awarding discounts. Moreover, travel agencies offer discount and promotion packages to their customers on accommodation and transportation. So you might end up getting some rebates for your trip.

Getting to your hotel or guest house from the airport

Copenhagen International Airport is not far from the main city. It takes about 20 minutes on public transport to get to the city from there. So this isn’t the big deal. You can take a metro ride to your hotel or guest house, which is the easiest way of transportation. You can also board a train from the airport to the nearest station. Prices are not that high, so expect a reasonable rate of metro bus or train. However, if you want to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, you may need to spend some extra money.

Finding a suitable accommodation

When you visit another place, the first thing you think about is to find the best accommodation in the most reasonable price range. Copenhagen has many hotels of different luxury class and ratings. It is best that you book your stay in any one of them with a travel agency, after reviewing its reviews and ratings. You can easily find some guest houses in the city that are more economical. There are also 3 stars, and 4 stars hotels available in the city as well as around the airport. If you plan on making your trip more luxurious, there are some fine 5 stars hotels that will fit your needs well.

Local Nordic Food

When you are visiting Copenhagen, you need to make sure that you eat the local and traditional dishes. The Nordic food is the best when you are in Copenhagen. Although there are some great restaurants such as Noma, we recommend you to try street food markets, as they have the tastiest food to fill your tummy.

Famous landmarks and relics

Copenhagen is swarmed with thousands of visitors due to its cultural and historical sites. There are some important places in this city that are first of its kind. Some places even inspired other great parks and places in the world. Tivoli Garden is the world’s first amusement park. It is also the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Disneyland. Some renowned landmarks include Nyhavn, the statue of the Little Mermaid, Amalienborg, Stroget, Christiansborg Palace, Freetown of Christiania, Copenhagen Zoo, and much more.

Visiting giant aquarium

Copenhagen has the biggest Aquarium in Europe. It houses different species of marine life and you can easily see and learn about it by visiting it. Even the structure of the building that houses the aquarium is magnificent.

Extravagant nightlife

This city never disappoints its visitors. The nightlife of the City of Spires is well known in the world. There are some of the great discos, nightclubs, and clubs where you can drink, dance, and party. You can also socialize with the locals and party with them.

Historical, cultural, and art museums

Copenhagen never disappoints its admirers as it has everything a person is attracted to. The museum is one of the most important parts of a city. If a city doesn’t have museums, then it has no historical significance. Copenhagen is home to different museums that display art, culture and historical exhibits. So do visit them and learn more about this city.

Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Copenhagen is home to some of the best architectural structures in the world. Tycho Brahe Planetarium is certainly one of them. Do visit it, and try to book your ticket online, a crowd is never going to be low there.

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