TOP Must Visit Places in New York When It Rains

TOP Must Visit Places in New York When It Rains

It is not a secret that New York is the best city you have ever visited. Nevertheless, the bad weather is always bad weather. If you like romantic rain, you can walk in the streets and enjoy it. If the rain is heavy, it makes you far from romantic. What to do if you came to New York for one day and your planes were crashed by heavy rain? You should hire a car in New York and drive to see the city attractions.


Go to the Museum

This variant is good for all cities. There is one specific - New York is a city of museums. They are big and really cool here. A museum is a place, where you can spend your rainy day. It is recommended:

Museum of Natural Arts - the museum is full of dinosaur skeletons, huge whale, and cosmic section.

Transit Museum is devoted to the transport of New York. If you like traveling by public transport, underground dancers, musicians, flash mobs and installations, you should go to the transport museum.

Metropolitan is a glorious museum. You can visit it every time you come to America.

Museum of Modern Arts - one of the best collections of the modern arts is situated right here.

Actually, the city is full of cool unusual museums - Bodies Museum, Ripleys Museums.


Climb Up the Freedom Tower

Do you like taking pictures in the rain? Actually, rain is good and interesting for pictures. Try to visit the Freedom Tower just because this is the only roofed viewing point in the city. This is your chance to see New York from the birds eyes view on a rainy day. The city is rainy, beautiful but it is at your feet.


Go Shopping

If you have everything for a happy life, you cannot miss New York shopping. Shopping in this glorious city means a lot. The number of shops, their sizes and sales, new and old collections and brands make your shopping more than excited. If you go shopping on a rainy day, you are not afraid of getting wet as most of the city shops are situated inside. Be ready to meet a lot of crowds in the shops as people usually like to go shopping in rainy weather.


Go to the Cinema

Of course, the cinema is perfect for rain! Going to the cinema in New York is special. If you are a foreign tourist be ready to watch movies only in English. Secondly, the film traditionally starts with 3-40 minutes of advertising short movies and entertaining shows, useful information about the city, and announcements. This must be interesting and useful.

The cinemas are different. There is a chain of big pop cinemas that shows just popular blockbusters that are on the go now. There are also the cinemas that welcome you with art films, independent films, retro chronic, indie-films, student and youth films. The cinema interior is also different. You can visit the cinema of old traditions with classic chairs and popcorn tables. There are also cinemas that look like restaurants. You can call your waiter to bring your order, food, and drink. It is not difficult to find the list of available films online or from the cinema bills.


Wave to the Freedom Statue

Freеdom Island is a place where you can spend time in sunny weather. It is more than 100 years old. There is no sense to go there in rain. Nevertheless, you can drive the Staten Island Ferry that goes every 15 minutes. This is your chance to keep dry in different weather, see the statue and have the river walk.


Spend Your Day on 5th Av and Lexington Av

Everything is simple. There is a big railway station here, on the cross of the 42 and Lexington av. The railway station is the biggest in the world about the number of platforms. The name of it is Grand Central Station. This is not only the biggest but the most beautiful and interesting place where you can eat something, go shopping, enjoy the architecture, buy the iPhone on the Apple Store and many other interesting things.

If you take the umbrella and go fast over the 42 street to the crossing of the 5th av, you can get the New York City Public Library. This is a super cool place because it counts more than dozens of millions of books. You can ask for any book and you can find it right here. You can also find interesting meetings with famous persons here, photo and art exhibitions, concerts and performances. By the way, you should know that the city library and railway station are the popular New York attractions. So, this is a place where you can see them both.


Have Fun and Go to Sport on Chelsea Piers!

Chelsea Piers is a unique place. It always attracts people with lots of attractions. What do you want to do? Oh, how about spending time in the skating rink that is available year-round? You can also go to the sports center to visit group training or individual training. There is a stadium to run and team sports playgrounds like basketball, volleyball, cycling, and swimming pool. Do you like boxing or mountain climbing? You can try it. The SPA zone is also good for visiting. Never miss visiting golf clubs and bar for special events. So, if you want to eat something, you welcome!

So, if it rains, you can hire a car or take your umbrella and walk over the city. This is New York! The rain and snow cannot make you feel bad. The city attracts you any weather. There are many places that make you learn the city even in the rain. Making a plan for your trip, never forget to think of two or three places that you can visit on a rainy day. It helps to make your trip enjoyable any weather.

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