Top Historical Parts of Sydney You Need to Visit

Top Historical Parts of Sydney You Need to Visit

Australia is known for many things, for its natural wonders and extensive open spaces. Although Australia is one of the world’s most highly urbanized countries, it has exceptional landscapes that I guess Australians all know--laid back cities and beautiful beaches. However, you will not be able to see the country and experience all it has to give on a single trip.

One of the goals of a traveler every time he is exploring a new country is to visit at least one or more historical sites at some point. If you are a newbie in traveling, then you should try to get to know and learn something from their culture. Here are top 5 historical places in Sydney that should be on your traveler’s bucket list, whether you’re a tourist flying in from afar or a native Australian who wants to take a tour on his country.

Elizabeth Farm

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Elizabeth Farm is a great destination if you want to look at daily colonial life. It was built in 1973, that was once a home to John and Elizabeth Mcarthur, wool industry pioneers. The magnificent sandstone building is now a museum open to the public. Visitors are encouraged to wander the rooms, hold the furniture, and try the featherbeds. However, you have to be well-behaved inside the house as if you were an important guest.

The Old Government House

This is highly one of Queensland’s most important heritage sites. Initially, it was built in 1790, that provides a glimpse at the history of Parramatta. Renovations occurred in 1815 by Governor and Mrs. Macquarie, who contributed to the appearance of the building today. The house displays recreated furniture true to the time period. If you visit this location, you will get an insight into the colonial life in the early days of Queensland.

Lancer Barracks

If you want to explore how the Australian military was during the colonial period, take a peek into the Lancer Barracks. Lancer is Australia’s oldest mainland military barracks that has an extensive array of artifacts from the colonial period. This museum will be fun for you if you are interested in weaponry. The barracks were built in 1885 and the soldiers were the first in Australia to enter the active service in the 1899 Boer War.

Parramatta Park


If you would like to visit a park in Australia, take a moment to consider the Parramatta Park. The place is over 160 years old also known as “People’s Park” with more than two million people visiting each year. Many Australians do their picnics, celebrate family milestones, and go for a nice jog at Parramatta. This park is also known for gathering people in many events and festivals.

Kirribilli Point

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After taking a dip in the sea, why not stop and go on a trip out in some Australian government history along the way. Kirribilli Point is the home to Australia’s governor-general and Prime minister. It’s located just east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You will surely enjoy Kirribilli ’s pleasing little village and it’s easy to access into the city. If you are with your special someone, might as well take a romantic walk across the bridge which is definitely going to be the highlight of your trip.

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