Tips to Help You in Selecting Indian Wedding Mandap

Tips to Help You in Selecting Indian Wedding Mandap

Indian wedding trends and culture are popular all over the world. People are attracted toward the wedding traditions, the way they celebrate and perform wedding rituals are divine as well as meaningful. Every ritual holds its own meanings and specialties. Such as vermilion, bride apparels, colors, a material used during a wedding, time, wedding cards, cuisine, and ornaments have its specific and depth meanings in the context of marriage. Here we are talking about Indian wedding Mandap, where traditional Indian wedding takes place. The Mandap is the center of attraction in all wedding Indian weddings. It is very crucial to select your Mandap design very carefully. These following tips are useful in selecting the Mandap for the wedding:

Mandap size

Be careful while choosing Mandap size, because most wedding rituals would take place in mandap. Hence, it requires sufficient space to carry out all rituals. While freezing about the size, consider the number of people who will be joining the wedding mandap at any given time. It would be helpful for you to select the mandap size.

Mandap style

Look for the multiple options while choosing the Mandap style. If you have already finalized your wedding theme then you can choose mandap style accordingly. You can grab and explore many designs online, there are plenty of options available such as open top to canopy style, dome-shaped or a backdrop style mandap. For an outdoor wedding always choose closed mandap, which protects you from sunlight. The idea fits especially to the summer weddings.


According to the Hindu rituals, the ideal position of the mandap is North-east of the venue. While finalizing the venue, keep in mind to discuss it with Pandit.

People strength

While deciding the stage, always keep in mind, how much people are joining the stage. There are not too many people except close relatives, parents, priests and family friends.


It is always important to make the seating arrangements for the guests. As you need to sit for a long time, if the seats are not comfortable it may get difficult. The seating arrangements for the bride and groom would be set as they will face east direction. As the whole rituals will take place while sitting on the floor.

Except for these criteria, you have to consider lighting, décor, view, costing of the mandap to set it according to the Indian trends.

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