The top destination for Indian citizens

The top destination for Indian citizens

Turkey is a country that reflects the personality of two opposing worlds: East and West. Istanbul, its capital, is one of the most vibrant and fascinating cities in the world, but the rest of the country is relatively unknown to the ordinary traveler.

Mountains, plains, a rich culture, intense and varied cuisine, and people who are among the most hospitable in the world.

Because of these characteristics, this destination is top-rated for people from India. So let's see some of the most popular destinations in the city for them.

##Uzüngol, an amazing town near Trabzon

Uzüngol is located on the shores of Lake Uzüngol, right at the bottom of a green and lush valley. It is one of Turkey's best places to see the inland countryside.

The best time to stroll along the shores of the lake is early in the morning, when a low mist covers everything, and it looks like a town out of a magical adventure story.

##Izmir, perfect place to explore the coast.

The city sits on the coast, guarded by a chain of high green hills. Izmir is of great historical importance.

In Konak Square, you will see the clock tower that marks the site of the uprising that led to the Turkish War of Independence in 1901.

From the square, it is a short walk to the promenade, known as Kordon, where you can have a coffee overlooking the waters of the Aegean before heading to Kadifekale, the hill of almost 200 meters above sea level, where the ruins of the ancient fortification that protected the city are located.

##Sanliurfa, perfect for getting to know the oriental culture of the country.

In its old part, many historic buildings, both Muslim and Christian, stand next to yellow stone houses. An excellent place to appreciate the Turkish contrasts.

Kurdish, Turkish, and Arab peasants from the surrounding areas come to the traditional bazaar to do their shopping, while the city's young people go to work in their offices in the new part.

##Troy, home to a replica of the legendary Trojan Horse.

The city is located in northwestern Turkey and achieved its fame thanks to its appearance in Homer's Iliad. Now it’s a significant archaeological site.

It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Troy was destroyed and rebuilt 9 times, and therefore, you can see a sample of each of its nine different layers. But, of course, it is one of those places that you better take a guide to understand it better for its outstanding historical richness.

The Lycian Route is a route that will take you to the most beautiful landscapes.

This trail was marked by an English history lover at the end of the last millennium. About 15 years later, The Times magazine ranked it among the 10 best hiking trails globally, and an ultramarathon was run along its more than 500 km route.

The Lycian Route is a medium-difficulty trail that runs between the provinces of Mugla and Antalya.

##Other information about how to travel to Turkey

**** is a company that provides advice for those looking for help in planning a trip to Turkey. Their website can help you find out what visas you need and all the information about the process.

If you want to travel to Turkey, you can learn about visa requirements, things to do, and more, thanks to ****. In addition, it is a company that provides advice for those looking for help in planning a trip.

If you want to visit Turkey as an Indian citizen, you need to apply for a **Turkey visa**. You can choose between two types of visas: The Single or Multiple Entry visas, valid for 30 to 90 days of stay within 180 days.

Also, remember that unvaccinated travelers must present a negative RT-PCR or antigen test result 72 hours for RT-PCR or 48 hours for antigen test before departure.

Travelers who have received all the required vaccinations or have proof of a negative COVID-19 test do not need to go through quarantine.

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