How to Stop Domestic Violence (DV)

How to Stop Domestic Violence (DV)

What do you understand by domestic violence? People often ignore or misunderstand to realize that whether they are suffering or not. They may find helpless or scared. Domestic violence is a term in which a person abuses their partner in an emotional & physical sense. The person uses abusive behavior to prove his ego, dominance, and abnormal mentality over their partner.

According to a recent survey by WHO, 35% of women are suffering from domestic violence from their partner. So there must be possibilities that you know at least one of the women sufferers of domestic violence. Women are victims at a higher level all over the world. The main issue behind domestic violence is, it often goes unreported to authorities, and due to this the number of cases is believed to be significantly low then the actual one. So it is important to understand the nature of domestic violence for you or your loved one.

It can be stopped with the help of neighbors and wider communities’ intervention. Here are some tips and suggestions to get rid of it:

Understand domestic violence

Understanding domestic violence is the very first step, it is defined by several possible manifestations. These are patterns of violence that are used by one person to establish control over another person.

Understand why the abuser is abusing you and find out the reason. But make it clear it can’t be justified because no reason can be justifiable. Mostly the victims of domestic violence are females. You should know the local law and what local resources are available to help you out from such a problem.

Know the signs

Try to identify the possible signs of DV. These signs vary because it’s not necessary that abusers attempt to physical abuse, it can be misbehavior or emotional torture to gain control over the partner.

Educate the individual

Educating all the individuals of your place and neighborhood could be a great start to eradicate DV from society. It's good to educate as many people as you can in your area.

Collaborate with a supportive organization

It's good to collaborate with your local lady police station, organizations fighting for women’s rights, and several NGO’s working for such cause. With the help of such organizations, you can defeat DV.

Organized community with technical support

Download a safety app and connect with other people through smartphones. This way you can identify DV abuses and report it to authorities.

These things will be helpful to stop DV.

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