How to Be a Real and True Friend

How to Be a Real and True Friend

Friendship is a priceless and incredible thing that a person could offer to someone. People always hesitate that how could they begin to talk and sometimes die in ego & attitude that why they step forward first. But once they step into such a bond they will come to realize how heaven feels on earth.

Yes, friendship is a heavenly feeling. You can talk about anything, share anytime and have quality times for lifetime. But friendship isn’t only about having fun and sharing all stuff it is more than life. You have to maintain trust, loyalty and stand by each other’s side at every worst state. It demands’ a great and true companionship and requires constant nurturing and efforts to make it worth.

When you travel the life there comes many rights, left and u-turns and you have to choose some and leave many things & people on their way. But when your friendship is real then it can face any even odds of life. What you need to do is just be good and help someone to find a good & real friend. We are listing down some tips to be a real & true friend, have a look:

Find the one who can match your type of craziness and always participate in whatever you do but you need to commit the same vice versa.

Keep your promises

Once you made any promise then keep your promise because there is no going back option. Or if you can’t then let your friend know, what type of issues you are facing that are forcing you to step back. And do not make fake promises that you can’t keep.

Keep secrets

It is very important law to maintain a good friendship that you should keep secrets whatever you both are sharing and doing. True friendship involves many secrets that shared only between both the friends.

Be a good listener

It’s good to share and talk all the time, but when your friend wants to talk to you on serious matters then you should behave like a good listener. Keep your friend’s suggestions and issues that she may have been facing.

Be ready for help

“A friend in a need is a friend indeed.” You may have heard about this famous quote and it is true at every aspect of life. You should be ready for help with the supportive hands.

Stay in touch and don’t mind everything. You should adore nature of forgetting and forgiving if any awkward thing takes place in between you.

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