Five Must-Visit Places In Melbourne Australia

Five Must-Visit Places In Melbourne Australia

Five Must-Visit Places In Melbourne Australia

Australia is one of the riches and beautiful countries in the world. In the Australian state of Victoria, Melbourne is considered as a state capital. It is also the most populous in Victoria and the second-most populous in the country of Australia and Oceania. Melbourne is filled with great sceneries, wonderful and tall buildings and they also offer different kinds of food for the tourists. The people in Melbourne are also hospitable and nice. Melbourne is becoming one of the top places to visit in the world because of all the activities that can be done. Visiting Melbourne, Australia is not really that expensive. You just have to be mindful of you expenses so that you will be able to spend on the things that you really need.

There are a lot of must-see unspoiled places in the city of Melbourne. To know more, continue reading:

  1. Queen Victoria Market

(photo source: queen victoria market)

Queen Victoria Market may be already famous to some and it is even considered as a major landmark in Melbourne but it’s still not as frequented as the markets that can be found in Sydney. If you love shopping in the market then this is the place that you should visit because there are a lot of authentic australian food and things that you can buy. Treat yourself and put the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere in your itinerary and you will surely not regret it.

  1. Peninsula Hot Springs

(photo source: visit victoria)

Peninsula Hot Springs is considered as the very first natural hot spring in Melbourne. This place is around 1.5 away from the city of Melbourne so if you’re planning to have a relaxing time, better visit Peninsula Hot Springs. There are also other great relaxing places outside of Melbourne like Kims that offers romantic getaways in Sydney.

  1. Harbour Town

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Harbour Town Melbourne is a place where you can relax and still have a feel of the city. There are stores, restaurants and different outlets that you will surely enjoy. It’s definitely a mix of everything you need. The place also offers a mix of fashion, homewares, jewelries, sportswear, general merchandise and many many more. The Harbour Town is open from Mondays to Sundays so better put this on your itinerary as well. It will surely be worth it!

  1. Warrook Cattle Farm

(photo source: warrook)

Warrook Cattle Farm is one of the best farms in Melbourne, Australia. It is underrated but throughout the years, it’s starting to become more known to tourists because of word of mouth through social media. If you love animals then Warrook Cattle Farm should be part of your list. This is really a great place because you can spend time with animals! The place is also open 7 days a week.

  1. Melbourne Aquarium

(photo source: ease apartments)

Do you love the sea? Do you want to visit a place where you can feel like you are under the sea? If the answer is yes then you should definitely visit the Melbourne Aquarium. Come up close to see the amazing water creatures like turtles, sea snakes, baby sharks and many more. Explore a world unlike any other and visit Melbourne Aquarium!

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