Brasov- Holiday That You Can Enjoy To the Fullest

Brasov- Holiday That You Can Enjoy To the Fullest

Brasov is one of the largest cities in Romania where you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. The city is surrounded by high mountains and here you can find various special towns where you can spend some intimate moments with your family. The city is located at the center of Romania and it is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. The city is blessed with the most wonderful ambiance that you can never imagine. Here you will also find various great tourist attractions that you can surely visit with your family and friends. TravelBinz is best option to book your tour package.

Choosing Brasov as Your Travel Destination

This medieval town is filled with surprises that would really enchant your beloved. It has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the last few years due its tranquil surroundings and attractive locations. From this place you can also explore the adjoining areas that have various elegant destinations and attractive shops and parks.

Reaching Brasov

This place does not have an airport but you can reach the nearest airport which is at Bucharest. Brasov has a well connected system of railway and roads. You can just take a bus, car or train to this excellent destination. For exploring the city also the tourist buses and cars can be used. Travel Binz help you every time when you need in your journey.

Things to do in Brasov

There are various attractive places that you can visit with your spouse in this beautiful destination. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Town Museum is a great place that you can visit as here you can learn a lot about Brasov’s golden past.
  • At the Old Town you will see various medieval buildings that present Brasov’s culture. Here you will find the Black Church, The Council Hall, Republicii street, the Hirscher House and many other attractions.
  • Brasov Zoo is another place that you can visit with your beloved. The natural flora and fauna would surely attract you.
  • The Brasov Citade is another attraction that can mesmerize your senses. Brasov is surrounded by a large fortress on all the sides. Many of its towers have been destroyed but many still exist.

Eating and Lodging Facilities

There are various great restaurants which would provide you local as well as international cuisines. Some of them are Tasty Meat, Bistro de l'Arte, La Republique and Roata Norocului. Some of the best hotels located here are Hotel Aro, Hotel Ambient and Hotel Capitol.

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