Beat the Factors Involved in Obsessive Love and Set a Healthy Relationship

Beat the Factors Involved in Obsessive Love and Set a Healthy Relationship

Falling in love brings lots of feelings and you feel so attached to the person. But there are times when love turns into obsession and you don’t even realize it. It’s the time when you think you can’t function without him or begin to monitor his activities. Often you forget to give your partner a little space so he can enjoy the personal corners of life. There also comes a time cross the lines and at the end of relationship obsessive love is what encourages people to stalk social media profiles, spy on him and drive by his house. So here we are listing down some of the factors which will guide you to maintain a healthy relationship:

Unresolved Issues from Childhood Abandonment or Attachment Disorder

If in early ages of life you have been experienced a relationship loss and struggled through pain then such losses turns you to hold relationship more tightly. So you do not have to face fear of losing the one you love the most. Healthy relationship allows you to enjoy your personal lives and space independently. If things aren’t working likely then you need to have a positive talk with your partner or visit a councilor.

Past relationship

Devastating experiences from past relationship, especially when trust was the leading issue, affects a lot and make it hard for you to see current relationship clearly and disallow you to trust your partner fully. So you should work to limit your obsession and maintain a healthy relationship.


Depression slowdowns process of positive, healthy and motivated behavior in life. For a healthy life it is essential to keep yourself motivated. Depression disallows the healthy thoughts so before setting a healthy relationship boundary it is necessary to keep your mind healthy.

Avoid information sources

Availability of social media on web allows the user to collect too much of information about your loved one. And an excessive approach of gathering information can lead you to obsessive love.

Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem brings you down and you’ll end up underestimating yourself. You often feel that you don’t deserve anything, so you should work in direction of developing your self esteem and area of personal interests.

Except these things boredom, staying alone or free time, small social circles and over thinking are such factors which turns the love into obsession. So you should work on these things to maintain a healthy love relationship.

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