Arrange Marriage V/S Love Marriage: A Second View

Arrange Marriage V/S Love Marriage: A Second View

Marriage is a solemn bond of two souls for their entire life. It is more about faith, trust, and belief in which bride and groom share love and togetherness. The relation in which one love to care, share and confess fearlessly and hold each other's hand in all the even odd phases of life. The relationship is not limited to both of them instead of this family of bride and bridegroom also cherish and nurture happiness of the wedded couple. Be it arrange or love, marriages are not different from both. Which one is better and which is best? These questions are prevalent in people's mind that who aren't satisfied with their marriage or are scared to spend their whole life with an unknown partner. I think everything has two sides with their pros and cons, let's have a look:

Love marriage vs. arrange marriage

Many times a thought tickle in my brain that why people have set a tendency that love marriages don't last much or these are the best because a couple has established an understanding before stepping forward to the marriage. But nothing is related to marriage type that which marriage will last long.

The marital relationship is based on trust, faith and that helps to build understanding, and it is more likely to be noticed in love marriages. On the other side, in arranging marriages, the couple is fully unknown to each other, but family involvement is much than needed. It is not necessary that an arranged marriage lasts long due to better understanding. It might be possible that there is family pressure and taking divorce cannot be an individual decision. It is not necessary that independent relationships stay for long, love marriages also struggle with many consequences. It happens because it's their decision to getting married and then the end up with the relation due to misunderstandings or any odd situation.

We often believe that in love marriages couple has better understanding but sometimes arrange marriages have been found with the properly nourished understanding. The couple has enough time to know about their partner and tries to understand them slowly. It plays the best role for the successfully arrange marriage.

Love marriages and arrange marriages are two phases of a coin. Each side has something good or bad. What you need to do is stop comparing and complaining which one is good or better? Once you start thinking about marriage types and paying attention to your partner, then you will get to know the real meaning of the wedding, whether it is love or arrange. A true relationship begins with care, share, love and belief only.

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