7 Flower Colors And What They Actually Symbolize

7 Flower Colors And What They Actually Symbolize

When given as gifts, flowers never fail to make the recipient feel loved, appreciated, and cared for. Flowers come in different shapes and sizes, but they are all beautiful and uplifting, especially when carefully arranged. With countless flower varieties available, you might get confused if you’re someone who is not used to giving fresh blooms.

So if you're unsure what to pick, here's one important factor to consider: color.

Color has the power to influence one's state of mind and emotions. Every color also manifests meanings, leaving a great impact on the recipient. Giving a bunch of red roses, for example, may signal romantic feelings toward a person without having to say a single word.

Before giving a beautiful single-color bouquet, it's nice to familiarize yourself with the flower colors and the meanings behind these colors.

1. Red: Deep Passion and Romantic Love

Want to express your blazing love for someone special? You can never go wrong with flowers with a fiery hue. Red is often associated with romance, passion and fervor, no wonder why classic red roses sell like pancakes during Valentine’s Day. Red also attracts more attention than any other hues, encouraging strong emotions.

Think beyond roses; there are other romantic flowers, like tulips, carnations, gerbera daisies, amaryllis, and lilies, which all look amazing in the shade of red or crimson.

2. Pink: Tenderness, Innocence, and Youth

If you want to be romantic but you want to be more subtle, pink is one way to go. Unlike red, pink blooms embody a gentler kind of loving emotion, whether you choose vivid fuchsia or soft blush tones. It evokes feelings of femininity, tenderness, innocence, and new beginnings.

Opt for pink if you’re giving flowers during a relationship in its early stages, desiring to build something special. Pink flowers, usually pink carnations, are also a go-to option for mother’s day to express a more tender kind of love.

Flowers like tulips, hydrangea, chrysanthemums, orchids, ranunculus, and stargazer lilies are some of the best pink flower choices for any occasion.

3. Orange: Spirit of Fun, Positive Energy, and Hopefulness

Is your beloved recipient fun and bubbly? Or perhaps the person is having a dull day and she needs something to uplift her spirit. Orange flowers may be your best bet.

Orange is associated with happiness, positive energy, and optimism. An arrangement with touches of orange can easily bring an extra boost of energy to someone facing a hardship. It's also ideal if you give it during an early morning get-together or noon.

Many flowers come in hues of orange including tulips, lilies, roses, marigold, ranunculus, chrysanthemums, and gerbera daisies. For a big statement, you may consider dahlias, which can be one foot or more in diameter.

4. Yellow: Happiness, Creativity, and Friendship

If someone needs a mood and self-esteem boost, give them yellow flowers. Yellow flowers, like orange ones, blaze with positivity, and they are the perfect gifts for encouraging creativity.

Yellow is also associated with friendship or platonic love. Yellow flowers are your best choice for expressing gratitude and appreciation and lifting someone’s spirit without dropping hints of romantic attraction. Giving yellow garden roses to a friend is one good example.

Aside from giving a cheery bouquet of sunflowers, you may also consider other top flower choices that look amazing in yellow including tulips, marigold, daisies, daffodils, buttercups, chrysanthemums, and asters.

5. Green: Freshness, Balance, and Renewal

We rarely see green flowers because not everyone appreciates petals that resemble the leaves, right? But when they’re mixed perfectly, a bouquet of green flowers, from bright and bold to muted and soft, can bring a lively energy to the occasion. Try mixing and matching different shades of green, like olive, bottle, emerald, and jade.

Green symbolizes balance, peace, and harmony. It can help aid rest and renewal as well. Touches of green are best added to weddings and celebration of birth, to symbolize best wishes for a fresh beginning.

Flowers including carnations, chrysanthemum, hydrangea, and succulent look amazing in green.

6. Blue: Peace, Calmness, and Harmony

Blue flowers are uncommon - so it’s best to plant or send blue flowers when you desire an extraordinary effect or you’re wanting to make a statement. Deeper shades of blue signify trust and loyalty while lighter shades of blue symbolize peace and calmness. Due to their soothing tendencies, they make a nice get well soon present.

Though it’s the rarest, blue flower color can be found in a handful of flower types, including hydrangea, iris, delphinium, pansies, hyacinth, and morning glory.

7. Purple: Power, Luxury, and Creativity

Purple has always been linked to spiritual awareness and sense of vision. No wonder why wizards and soothsayers are often dressed in purple robes. Purple flowers are regal and rare, and they deliver an enchanted and majestic quality to any occasion, like a wedding or a milestone birthday.

Go for delphiniums, lilacs, freesias, pansies irises, clematis, orchids, and tulips. If you’re giving purple flowers for a romantic occasion, go for a lighter shade, like light purple lilacs, lavenders, and carnations.

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is one of the daytime writers for Roses Only, a luxury brand that prides itself on supplying and arranging the world’s finest long-stemmed roses for various occasions. She writes about basic gardening and creative flower arrangement ideas.

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