What are the pizza trends that you need to follow in 2018?

What are the pizza trends that you need to follow in 2018?

Pizza is a go-to classic for every party and is also known as the family pleaser. Food trends change every year and it does not mean that this tasty pie is getting less popular any time soon. There are different trends that you can follow to charge up your pizza game and continue to impress people with this craft. There are different ways to make a pizza. From gluten-free dough to vegan surprises, you can elevate your pizza game in a way that it will impress the people around you. You can either collect Pizza numbers in Morden and order the pizza every time your house is full of guests or make pizzas at home that will save you money and make you famous around the block. Here are some pizza trends that you need to follow to make you're famous among the friends and family members.

Cauliflower crust

You might have some people in your company that is always looking to eat something healthy. While many people consider pizza a non-healthy food, you can make some adjustments to the pizza to give them a unique experience. Making a cauliflower crust is a good alternative and it attracts all the healthy food lovers and it is also a gluten-free solution. On the internet, you will find different cauliflower recipes and this trend is not going away any time soon. This is something that you can also add in your menu if you own a pizza joint.

Detroit-style pizza

The Chicago style pizza is long gone and now people are looking for a unique experience with the Detroit style pizza. The Detroit style pizza is a rectangular shape pizza with a crisp crust and has traditional toppings including sausage and pepperoni. The Detroit style pizza has been making waves in the country and there is no stopping to this trend.

Non-tomato based sauces

People tend to change the pizza sauces often and are now snubbing the traditional tomato based sauces. Some unique sauce ideas for the pizza are olive sauce and Alfred sauces. If you do not want to be too adventurous with the pizza, you can try the BBQ sauce instead.

Unique toppings

Stay away from the traditional cheese and add some unique topping to the pizza. Mix up the toppings and add new things in your menu if you want to impress the customers. You Pizza place in Morden will instantly become a hit with the introduction of new toppings.

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