Train Your Body to Sleep on Time

Train Your Body to Sleep on Time

In this hard and fast lifestyle culture, it’s difficult to get enough time for sleep. You might feel sleepy but find it difficult to accomplish because of the routine schedule and increasing uses of electronic gadgets. The idea of early to bed & early to rise is diminishing with the time and the advent of reverse culture is on the edge. People, nowadays, work or study whole day and wake up till the mid night. Often such personalities struggle with lack of sleep and feel tired and de-energized through the day. Sleep refreshes both body and mind and that’s why it is essential for mental as well as physical health.

If you struggle with getting to sleep at a specific time, then you should read the following guidelines and train your body to get ready for sleep at normal time:

Prepare yourself to go to bed

  • Avoid drinking caffeine products like coffee and tea before going to bed as it is widely known as the stimulant that make the people alert and delay the sense of sleep. Chocolate also contains caffeine so you can skip eating it before bed. Instead, you can drink herbal tea like lavender, chamomile etc. which makes you feel more relaxed.

  • Allow your brain to slow down and take rest, so stop working at least before an hour going to bed. So quit working on your projects & stop studying too.

  • Avoid food intake, at least before 2 hours because late night overeating meals can constitute extra calories. And if you eat something sugary before bed time then it can increase your blood sugar level that delays your sleep. If you are hungry and you must have to consume food then you can choose to high fiber food that is low in sugar too.

  • Determine how much sleeping hours are enough for you like it’s usual for adults to sleep for 7-9 hours and infants sleeps for 12-16 of sleep per day.

Follow specific routine

  • Get ready for the bed and be on time to sleep. Don’t wait until you feel sleepy, just go to the bed and enjoy your sleep. The more you feel relaxed the more sound sleep you’ll enjoy. Set specific routine like drinking milk, brushing teeth, reading in bed etc.

Avoid using electronic gadgets like smart phones & tabs etc. switch of the lights and make the whole room dark. So you don’t have to struggle with any distraction and enjoy a sound sleep.

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