The Top 7 Pizza Toppings That Everybody Loves

The Top 7 Pizza Toppings That Everybody Loves

Topping wars have divided families if not nations. There has been a pineapple debate and before that a thin crust thick crust discussion—but whatever anyone has ever said about pizza, has only increased its popularity and desirability. If you are a pizza lover like the rest of the world, order pizza online in Morden to satisfy your craving. You may find several delivery services active in your area ,delivering pizza door to door, but choosing one from the hundreds is difficult. The best practice is to focus on the best taste and efficient delivery services before ordering pizza online in Morden.

Following are the best pizza toppings of all times.


Pepperoni has a velvety texture and a tangy taste, which makes it gel with the subtleness of cheese and dough, making it the most popular topping of all times. The world is in unity when we say pepperoni is the most favourite topping of all times.


Though sausages lack the required texture, the flavour they offer is complex but beautiful. Some may have a fennel and black pepper taste; others may have a salt and paprika flavor, but you have to agree with the fact that sausage is the most desired flavour of all times.


Bacon earns the third spot on the fame chart by being the most ordered topping of all times. It wasn’t a topping choice in the first place but with the passage of time, it became very popular amongst the foodies.


Humble onions score the fourth spot on likeability chart. Red onion, when put on top of a pizza, gives it a salty sweetness that's unparalleled. The taste of caramelized onions is subtle and offers the neutral meatiness.


Spinach is an old dressing, though it gives a lot of flavour to the pizza, it lacks the texture. The leaves lose a shape when they’re fried and become soggy, therefore, they’re not likely to be ordered unless one really-really likes it.


Olives can be overwhelming; the green virgin olives contain few options in flavour; Pickled, salty, spicy or tangy. Black ones contain metallic aftertaste and its likability varies through different ages. One universal truth is that kids don’t like olives as a topping.


Mushrooms provide a nice earthiness to pizza, giving a meaty flavour to the otherwise soft layer of cheese. The mushrooms are flat in taste if garlic or spices aren’t added so it’s necessary to season them well to sprinkle on top.

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