The 8 Biggest Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

The 8 Biggest Benefits Of Practicing Yoga

The Eastern practice of yoga and meditation has become a symbol of peace, serenity, balance, and well being in the West today. With over 10 million Americans having adopted this ancient practice, yoga has become a multi-million dollar industry. Its effects on your mind and body are no secret. It can reduce stress and boost your mental well being.

Many people who have tried yoga attest to its multiple health benefits. And because there are numerous variations of this physical activity, each style offers a different experience and outcome. But the following are the biggest and most useful health and well-being benefits you can get from it.

Stress Relief

A session of yoga every day is a great way to combat physical, mental, and emotional stress. Yoga postures and meditation are effective techniques to stimulate the feel-good hormones in your body to help you feel more at peace. The best part is, the calming effects of this activity can be felt right away.

Detox And Body Cleanse

Detox Yoga is another style that focuses specifically on the subject of detoxification. However, you can still receive this benefit from any dynamic form of yoga. Because this practice promotes your blood flow, your entire body will receive more oxygenated blood.

When this happens, it stimulates your kidneys, liver, and other digestive organs to partake in a detox process. The sweating that comes along with practicing yoga also flushes out some of the toxins of your body.

Encourages Patience

One of the lessons learned in yoga that provides a strong impact on your daily life is that it teaches you to let go of the uncertainties and surrender to the present moment. Impatience can lead a person to make rash and foolish decisions.

Yoga counterbalances impatient tendencies more than by just simply focusing and holding your breath. It helps you practice peace and stillness of the mind.

Promotes Healthy Weight

Scientists in Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found a link between regular yoga practice and decreased body fat. A researcher named Alan Kristal, DPH, MPH found that overweight individuals lost about five pounds after incorporating yoga into their lifestyle. Whereas those who did not practice it gained fourteen pounds.

Helps With Diabetes Management

Diabetes is one of the modern conditions that are difficult to combat. But a 2011 study stated that incorporating yoga for three months in a diabetes care and management plan did result in a decrease in body mass index and stabilized blood sugar levels.

This is good news for those who are experiencing difficulty in normalizing their blood glucose level.

Increases Concentration

In everyday life, the mind can easily go astray and get distracted. This makes it hard for you to concentrate and finish the tasks that need to be done.

Yoga classes will encourage you to focus on your breathing. As you become better at this, you can easily apply the same techniques to your actual life. You will start to notice that your concentration skills have greatly improved.

Sharpens Intuition

Regular meditation practice can help hush down oscillating phobias, minor fears, and anxieties. It helps create a mental space wherein you can harness your intuition and allow yourself to fully listen to it.

Overall, practicing yoga helps develop the mind and the body, bringing along with it a long list of health benefits. In case of any medical condition, consult your doctor and yoga instructor to see if you can incorporate this practice as a part of your health management plan.

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