Lighting and decoration with luxury soy wax candles

Lighting and decoration with luxury soy wax candles

When we talk about decorating with candles, the first thing that comes to mind is relaxing and intimate moments. It is normal for this to happen, since the mere fact of the balancing of its flame of light and aroma, makes you enter a deep state of peace and harmony. It is not necessary to put candles in occasional moments, any day is ideal to accompany you. If you are looking to decorate your house with luxury soy wax candles, we recommend go for candles and candleware.

Why use candles?

We always live in continuous stress, with hundreds of things to do and we do not give ourselves a break, but doing in our day-to-day helps us reestablish body and mind. The luxury decorative candles online can help you find your Zen state.

Candle decoration, ambient lighting

In both indoor and outdoor lighting, decorating with soy wax candles gives you a multitude of possibilities and you get pleasant spaces. Any corner is perfect. I give you some ideas to decorate with candles :

  • A very charming hall. Nothing better than coming home or receiving a visit and setting candlelight at the entrance of the house. You can place one or more above the hall creating a still life, or on the floor.
  • Create an original centerpiece with candles. It will be the central lighting of your evenings. By giving such a pleasant light, it does not generate glare. Combine the decoration with candles and flowers.
  • If you have stairs at home, placing candles on each step gives a unique feeling. It is beautiful to have the lights off and see it lit up. In addition to being super decorative, it helps to signal and serve as a guide.
  • For the outside, put candles scattered around the garden or terrace creates an enveloping chill-out environment. You can also hang them on a support in the branches of a tree, floating in the pool, or in a fountain. Enjoy unforgettable moments on your spring/summer nights.

In short, placing them is simple, a single candle or several, in candle holders, lanterns, candlesticks, etc There are many ideas, and only the creativity that you want to put on each occasion counts.

Special moments with a pillar candle stand

I must admit that candles accompany us in very special moments. Occasions that remain in the memory, I know you understand me, and if I do not remind you of some:

  • A romantic dinner by candlelight.
  • A relaxing bath with candles and background music.
  • A relaxing massage with candles. Even putting the wax is used in therapies to relieve pain.
  • A celebration or party between friends.
  • Long summer nights watching the stars.

In short, I do not know what to tell you more, to me They get the creeps remembering it!

Be careful when placing the candles

There is no exact rule of where to place the candles or not, but there is a bit of prevention and common sense. It should be taken into account not to put them near places where they can fall (always on stable surfaces) or burn something. Keep in mind that if there are windows or air inside and they are near a curtain or any fabric item, it can start a fire. Always look for a suitable place.

Vintage decoration ideas for houses

Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to choose the best decoration objects or the best trends for each room in the house. Therefore, being clear about your style and the touch you want to give your home is essential to be able to choose the best accessories.

The decorative candles, vases, or candlesticks come this year to stay for a long time thanks to the style vintage. What can you do? Do not choose just one and bet on all these elements, because the different compositions this year take a lot. Let yourself go and bring out your most creative side!

Create a vintage decoration in the living room

Do you want a living room with a defined vintage style? We bring you the latest news of this style, and surely you will want to include more than one in your decoration. Of course, always bet on pleasant environments, how? With scented candles to enhance all the senses every time a guest comes to your home.

Dare with different textures

Do not be afraid when it comes to mixing, because in 2021 the strangest combinations are the ones that will triumph. You can choose to make a nice centerpiece with scented candles, wood, and an old radio. It sounds weird, but we assure you it will look great. You have to think about what you like the most and carry it out, without fear that the textures, a priori, will not work.

Forget about serene tones

We are not talking only about the wall, but also about the furniture, you do not want a Nordic or chic style, you want the purest vintage style. So, this year forget about "less is more" and look for bright colors and bizarre contrasts. Reds on blues, greens with oranges ... Of course, without forgetting to add the details that will make your living room look like something out of a magazine. The candelabra could be a perfect choice combined with a nice coffee table antique wood.

Low furniture is back

In the vintage style base units have always been a maxim, but this year they are stronger than ever. If you think about it, it is perfect, because they will give you much more play when making different decorations for your home. Imagine it: a nice sideboard for the living room in shades of brown with a tray on top full of candles and plants. Sounds good right?

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