Is 35 Too Late to Start Over?

Is 35 Too Late to Start Over?

“Is 35 too late to start over?” a friend asked me the other day. I couldn’t help but chuckle but could very much relate to what she was asking. So often, people assume that once they turn 35, all of a sudden, their life will stop. They’ll never get to have what they once dreamed about, as they believe too much time has passed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. 35 is not too late to start a new beginning in your life. 45 isn’t too late. 55 isn’t too late. It’s never too late.

If you’re not convinced, you might want to consider reading on. Take a short break from looking into Speed Kings Cycle products, and let’s get into it.

Wisdom from Experiences

When you’re in your 20s, you still have a lot to experience before you can truly grasp your identity, make sense of your emotions, and determine your values. These important aspects of your life can only be gained from having multiple, varied experiences over a long period of time. That’s why your 20s are really all about zeroing in on what motivates, inspires, and encourages you. By the time you reach 35, this is where your life truly begins after gaining wisdom and clarity into who you truly are.

Challenges, Setbacks, and Failures

As we advance through the years, we’ll encounter many different challenges, setbacks, and failures. Some challenges will be harder to overcome than others, but these are often the ones that provide the most meaning to our lives. As cliché as it may sound, what doesn’t kill us does in fact make us stronger. When we’re younger, we typically have fewer “life problems” than when we get older. Once you’ve reached 35, it’s no doubt that you’ve had your fair share of troubles that you’ve gone through. The good news is that now you’re better equipped to handle them effectively.

Finding Your Purpose

Your life isn’t over at 35, and it’s not too late to start over. In fact, you’re starting anew with a whole wellspring of knowledge that you didn’t have before. This makes finding your purpose in life more effortless. You don’t have to sit and ponder for hours on end about what’s important to you. You have an inner knowing of who you are, and it creates more clarity and guidance in the path you’re taking in life. It’s the perfect opportunity to switch courses if you feel that you’re not living a life that’s meaningful to you.

Final Thoughts

There’s no timeline when it comes to living the course of your life. After all, it’s your life, and you have total control over what you choose to do with it – and this includes the timing of things. Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from hound your dreams. Starting over is a brave decision, and you should be proud of yourself for making it. Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing and embrace who you are today. If you find that you’re wanting to “start over,” do it and remember that it’s never too late.

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