How to decorate the house at Christmas with pillar candle stand

How to decorate the house at Christmas with pillar candle stand

The Christmas tree and the nativity scene are fundamental elements when thinking about Christmas decorations, but they are not the only ones. To bring the Christmas spirit into our home we can decorate the cornice with light curtains, illuminate the balcony with snowflakes or LED stars, customize the facade with a pillar candle stand and lights.

All this is very good for the outside, for the inside of the house instead, no decoration matches the effect of the decorations with candles when you want to spread a welcoming atmosphere for the holidays.

How to decorate the house at Christmas with soy wax candles

On top of a piece of furniture, on windowsills, or the shelf between books. Try combining candles of different sizes to create a homemade, inexpensive, and pretty Christmas centerpiece. One of the benefits of using soy wax candles is that you don't have to worry about the wax melting and threatening to stain your furniture. The candles with a rustic finish in metallic colors are of great decorative impact, as are the candles in the glass glasses. They are all candles with the flickering flame that look very realistic to the eye.

How to decorate the fireplace at Christmas with candles

Candles are the perfect piece of furniture because they adapt to any style. If before we used silver candles wrapped in a jute cord for a slightly naive decoration, in the following photos you will see them as protagonists of the Christmas arrangement of a fireplace, including reindeer, silver candelabra, Christmas balls, snow crystals, and lights cascade.

If you prefer warmer colors, dare and combine gold and copper candles with white and gold Christmas decorations. Did you see how beautiful it is? If you have a traditional fireplace at home you can add some wood and candles but this is just one of the many ideas for decorating the fireplace at Christmas. You can also embellish it with candles and copper-colored decorations such as micro-LED chains or luminous spheres. And if you prefer rustic Christmas decorations you can opt for the wick candle, accompanied by apples, wicker baskets, and ceramics.

Christmas decorations for the staircase with large candle holders

If you don't know how to decorate the staircase during the holidays or are looking for a quick solution, Christmas large candle holders are the ideal solution. You can draw a bright path along with the steps or decorate and highlight certain corners. Whether you choose warm or cool colors, your festively decorated and lit staircase will not go unnoticed by your guests. Here, if you have a cat be careful.

How to decorate windows at Christmas with a luxury jar candle

Windows are one of those spots we sometimes overlook when it comes to home decor, however, well-decorated windows make any room that much cozier.

We have already seen that when you have beautiful candles you don't need much else, but to further embellish your Christmas stenography you can use luxury jar candle decorations such as our tip of led lights, hang a luminous branch at the top to give a frame composition or recreate a charming mountain village on the windowsill. But if you are more for a sober decoration, opt for white candles and prefer natural materials. Oranges, apples, and nuts will be our best allies.

Christmas centerpiece with candles

A Christmas centerpiece without candles is unimaginable. They dress up the elegant table and create the relaxed atmosphere that every family dinner deserves. They are also very easy to use, even more so if they are led candles. Another advantage of DIY Christmas centerpieces with led candles is that they have a fake flame and it is, therefore, possible to enrich them with fabrics or plants without running the risk of burning or damaging objects.

Below you will find some creative centerpiece ideas, if you want you can also take a look at our tutorial on how to make a Christmas centerpiece with candles.

Christmas centerpiece with pine cones and candles

We cannot talk about Christmas decorations and not to mention the much sought-after Christmas decorations with pine cones: together with candles and pine branches they are essential to adorn the house during the holidays. They are also cheap Christmas decorations, within everyone's reach. You can make a Nordic-style centerpiece from a wooden base, a Christmas wreath of pine cones, or create a long Christmas centerpiece using the elongated shape of the pine branches. In the latter case, red candles are the best choice.

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