How Pizza Made Its Mark On History.

How Pizza Made Its Mark On History.

One of the oldest forms of food in the world is pizza. Ever since bread has existed, people have flattened it out and added various toppings onto it. It may not have been called pizza back then but it definitely existed. Flatbreads with toppings have even been recorded during ancient Roman times. What we see now is the pizza as it was known in Italy. What does one do to get this tasty ancient dish? They have it delivered. That’s right, nowadays if you want pizza all you have to do is go online and search for pizza delivery near me New Malden and you will be presented with hundreds of restaurants that offer delivery services.

How exactly did pizza become as famous as it is today?

The pizza as we’ve come to know it was developed by the poor in Napes, Italy. As it was all that the poor folk had to eat, the pizza was very common. After a while, as the pizza spread across the people, small cafes started adding them to their menus. Slowly pizza became something that everyone now ate. Pizza had completely taken over Italy.

How did pizza spread to the world?

During World War II, Allied soldiers were stationed in Italy but were not provided with enough rations to keep them fed for long. They spread out their rations to last as long as they could but once they found out that they couldn’t be resupplied for a long time meant they needed to eat something else. As the soldiers made their way into the cities of Italy they started eating their foods. One such food was the pizza, which the soldiers had taken a particular liking towards. The residents of Italy had no shortage of ingredients so they made sure to keep the soldiers well fed.

After the war when the soldiers returned to America they brought their love of pizza with them and found that during the war, a large number of Italians had immigrated to America. this resulted in the Italians selling pizza at 2 cents a slice. It took all but a few days after the fact that cafes started making their own pizzas and sold them. Backed by the love of the soldiers, and the increasing amounts of Italians, pizza became one of the most popular forms of food in the mid-19th century in America.

Pizza nowadays.

Nowadays pizza has become a fast food staple and one of the most famous forms of food in the world. There is no continent on Earth where pizza has not made its presence known. Having spread to all corners of the world, it is especially great to know that with the advancement of technology we can now sit at home and with the push of a few buttons we can have pizza delivered right to our doorsteps. To think that something as simple as pizza could have been around for thousands of years and who knows how long it will stay for.

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