Guidelines to Choose Plants According to Outdoor Area & Containers

Guidelines to Choose Plants According to Outdoor Area & Containers

Maintaining a garden while having lack of space is quite interesting thing. Planting in earthen & ceramic pots is a great idea for those who can’t manage their garden on regular basis. In case, if you have limited space you can use indoor plant pots, large plastic plant pots, and ceramic plant pots to decorate the porch or garden area. The earthen & ceramic plant pots can be used in both the indoor and outdoor areas like stairs, roof even in your drawing room space. It’s good to have plants in containers because you can move these plants anywhere you want. In the harsh summer and winter you can keep your container plants indoor and put them outdoor in warmer months. But you need to know how to choose plants for outdoor containers. This way you can ensure success and knowing the processes will help you to get it soon.
Follow the tips to grow plants in outdoor container, here these are:

Grow vegetables in container

You can find many vegetables that can grow well in large plastic pots and containers like tomatoes, onion, pepper, lettuce plants, beans, squash etc. Including these climbing vegetables like cucumber, beans can grow well on fence trails. These are easy to manage & grow in the containers like berry tomatoes.

Grow herbs for regular purpose

One can maintain these ceramic pots in kitchen’s balcony and grow herbs while keeping an eye on it. You can enjoy the taste of fresh herbs and its petals like oregano, parsley, chives, mint, rosemary etc. Prune the fresh herbs on time and prevent from over growing.

Grow annual flowers

Once try planting annual flowers in large plastic containers and hanging baskets like marigold, scarlet, petunia, snapdragon, zinnia etc. and you can decorate the outdoor space of your home or farm.

Plant flowers in cascading style, grow the larger plants in centre and surround them with smaller plants to enhance the appearance of planted area.

While growing plants, use quality soil and provide enough space to the root system. You should also use the magnifying glass to identify bacterial infections harming your plants.

This way you can beautify your home with fresh fragrance of flowers and health with fresh herbs & veggies for your home. But while placing the plants anywhere keep in mind to provide partial Sun light to some of the atmosphere sensitive plants.

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