Does Writing Help With Stress and Anxiety?

Does Writing Help With Stress and Anxiety?

Once my favorite author said, "Writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers". Well, honestly, I couldn't understand the depth of the sentence unless I experienced it by myself.

That thrill and comfort of writing your feelings is just a priceless feeling. It even freaked me out once I took a break from writing and changed my focus.

That was the time, I realized No! I cannot escape from what I want and what I love. When I jumpstarted again, I felt instant relief- it just worked as a medicine for mental health!

Won't bore you with more details, let's continue and discover how writing can help you reduce anxiety, and what makes it a great stress-reducing agent.

Writing is a powerful tool to escape:

I always felt that writing propels me into a new world where there imaginations, facts, fantasies, and so many interesting elements. Maybe I am wrong in some regard, but that's what I actually felt especially when I wrote something that inspired me to bits.

It lifts you to the same and transports you to the unfamiliar destination, It just transitions us into a state of flow.

You can reach a place where you are so engaged in doing what you love. To some extent, you have complete control over the situation and your thoughts. Even if it is temporary, it gives us an escape we badly need.

Gives us space for reflection:

When we give ourselves some space to notice our stress and anxiety, we can easily identify what triggers us the most. By identifying those elements, we can simply put a distance between those overwhelmed feelings and our mental health.

Our stories say things that words cannot. It reflects our feelings and sentiments that help us ease the weight of those burning thoughts.

Release of emotions and feelings:

Researchers believe that when you write about difficult things or feelings, you can develop a great resilience in your personality. Luckily, the more resilience you develop, the better you learn techniques to cope with stress and anxiety.

When you have resilience, you can simply balance those elevated levels of stress.

Writing allows you to be in control:

One of the best things about writing is, you feel that you are the controller of your story and the words. Anxiety usually stems from the feelings of being rejected or less control over the situation.

When you write something, you have the power and control to make things the way you want. You are free to create happy or bad endings, you have also the freedom to grab onto those things that you imagine you cannot deal with.

Where to start?

I don't know what platform you love to prefer, but having your own personal website or a blog is just a next-level relief. You can create your own blog and start writing whatever triggers you or inspires you.

With such freedom and authority to speak up on your own platform is itself a great relief.

So, if you want to pour your heart out, let's start writing and kill all that stress, anxiety, and depression.

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