Odoo Invoice Creation: Things You Must Know

Odoo Invoice Creation: Things You Must Know

Irrespective of the business you own, providing the statement of charges to customers is a daily task. A bill – that comes in all sizes and forms. Sometimes handwritten, sometimes created on a word processor, and sometimes produced through a software. Invoice; as we know it, ensures that we receive payments for the services we provide. However, not everybody finds the invoice creation process fascinating. Quite often, it is a pain in the neck!

But in the era wherein everything from pin to piano is available on the internet; and customers are willing to pay any amount for anything that pleases their eye, would it be ideal to send invoices that take endless hours to create and look frail and dull? Search the market for modern accounting software and you will find several including NetSuite, QuickBooks and Odoo. But when it comes to finding the software that is advanced, works exceptionally and provides you with clear, crisp, and professional looking invoices, Odoo emerges to be a winner.

Right from startups to gigantic enterprises, several have embraced the Odoo power. Whether one wants to create an Odoo customized invoice or mirror invoices in multi-company setup, Odoo does it all! So, what are the ways in which it can help with Invoice Creation and Processing? Let’s try to understand.

Make Accounting Easy

As a startup, you might think that your good old excel sheets will survive. But as and when your business grows, the need for modern accounting software will become imperative. Odoo has the potential to automate the accounting process and integrate the details into different departments.

For example, let us say you want to record your bank transactions and import the statements to your software. Odoo helps you do that with ease. Also, it provides you with a status overview so that you can keep a track of your paid, unpaid, and drafted invoices. You can also make use of Odoo invoice templates provided by different companies that enable you to customize the layout of your invoices.

Get Paid on Time

Delayed payments are like borrowed books. The intent isn’t not to return it back. We just forget until reminded. And once we remember, begins the saga of reminding the clients about the pending payments. The question is – how many times would you be able to do that? And for how long?

With its “Automated Follow-Ups” feature, Odoo enables you to streamline billing reminders. Which means, no more follow-up emails or calls. Just set up the process and you are good to go. Also, you can accept payments through an array of payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Ingenico, Atos Worldline and Adyen.

A Shortcut to Quotation Management

Quotation management can become a prolonged process with the exchange of quotes taking place until both the parties finalize the amount. Using Odoo invoicing system, it is possible to do that in the matter of few minutes.

Also, it is possible for the Odoo store owner to convert the quotes into sales orders from the quotation screen. In case, you have specific requirements, you can also make use of a good quality Odoo Quotation Template available in the market. These templates are easily integrable with your systems and CRM apps so that you can undertake the sales process easily.

Odoo Invoicing systems have helped the business owners sell more efficiently. There are several new possibilities you can explore using Odoo invoicing. A little research into it is sure to help. You might not think of Odoo invoicing systems as a huge boon. But, let me put it this way; its addition to your business is sure to help you in coping with the delays and avoid payment related dilemmas!

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