Different Shades of Red Color for Different Purposes

Different Shades of Red Color for Different Purposes

The meaning of colors depends on the places, cultures, circumstances and energy associated with it. The meaning of colors is not static, and it represents different meanings with various aspects. It is the way to non-verbal communication. Red is the color of extremes, blood & fire, energy, passionate love, danger, anger, seduction, adventure, action, determination, ambition and more. Color has a great impact on our choices, emotions, perceptions and spiritual as well as mental well-being. Red is more attractive than other colors, let's have a look on red color's significances for different purposes:

Pre-historic age

Our ancestors perceived the beauty of red as the color of fire, energy, blood, primal life forces and most of the symbolism of red had taken from the past. The red color rarely found in ancient times.

Religious color

Red is the magical color, and various beliefs are entangled with it all around the globe like it is the color of Christian crucifixion, it signifies superhuman heroism to Greeks, red vermilion signifies the longevity of the spouse in Hindus.

Facts can surprise you

77% of the countries in the world include red color on the flag.

Red is used internationally to signify ‘stop.'

It is the favorite color for all people from one of the two choices.

Physical impacts of red color

Red color increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy level, respiration, blood pressure, heartbeat & it develops sense of fearlessness and confidence. Extreme red causes agitation, anger, demanding and loss of temper.

Shades of red

Red color have different shades and tints, these are scarlet, vermillion, maroon, crimson, carmine, burgundy, rose, ruby, blush, madder, brick, blood red, rogue, cinnabar, flame, russet, Venetian red and more.


Red gemstones are believed to increase enthusiasm, boost energy, confidence, offer fearlessness and reduce anxiety.

Red and good causes

The red color is used to symbolize various organizations and institutions which are working for the public benefits and good reasons like red ribbon is an international symbol for AIDS awareness, American Heart Association, Red Ribbon campaign is a drug prevention program and Girls, etc.

Red around the globe

Red represents beauty in many languages and cultures, in China red is used to signify 5 primary elements, the directions and 4 seasons. In Greece, Easter eggs are dyed with red color. The Shinto and Buddhist deities are adorned with red clothes in Japan. Red is the symbol of joy, life and brings delight according to Indian culture. In the Catholic church, red symbolizes feast days of martyrs. Red color preserved for privileged class in Sweden.

Red color and its different shades are used to signify culture, trends, good causes, brands, quotes, title, idiom & saying, love, emotions, beliefs and more you can think.

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