4 ways for hanging out with friends on a budget

4 ways for hanging out with friends on a budget

Bored at home but tight on the budget at the same time? This is a problem of many these days. Socializing is one of the favorite things of people and watching TV lies on the second obviously. And to socialize or hangout with friends, you need to go somewhere and spend something that might cause some serious tolls on your budget. I’ve also ignored my friend’s call due to imbalanced financial situations many times, I admit it. And on the other hand for some people, hanging out with friends is an excuse to blow all their extra cash on drinks and food. But for fun, you don’t have to empty your pockets. You need some smart tips and a clever mind to organize a fun-filled get-together with friends. To help you plan out a budget-oriented hangout with friends, here are some tips to follow. Let’s check them out:

Slash your bar bill:

Drinking with friends is a common gateway for everyone but this eat through your entertainment budget very quickly. Fancy bars, pubs and late night discs often markup alcoholic beverages by as much as 600%. So in my opinion, ignore going to these places for drinks, instead do much of your social drinking at someone’s home. This way you can have as much fun as you want and can stay as longer as you want.

Don’t go for retail shopping trips:

This is an absolute refuse to turn your entertainment plan to retail shopping. Adding to your wardrobe just for the sake of entertainment is a big waste of money and time. Hence shop with friends only when it is needed. Even then, think about it.

Head towards a shisha lounge in London:

The popularity of shisha is only growing that London has witnessed openings of many shisha lounges in the past few years. That's not it, shisha lounge has become the most searched keyword among the young children in London. There is no time of the day that you fill find a calm place to sit in these overly crowded places. A big reason behind this popularity is their extremely low prices that a teenager can easily afford. So for a budget outing plan with your friends, a shisha place in London is a good option.

Find free events in your city:

Yes, Free Events, they can be a lot of fun when you are with your friends. When summer is here, cities host many free events. And who doesn’t like relaxing in a lawn chair at some park having a glass of wine and talk about life goals?

Final Words:

Don’t be afraid of all those expensive get-togethers with friends, just be a little smart and use these tips to save a bit on them.

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