4 tips on how to make cooking fun for the whole family

4 tips on how to make cooking fun for the whole family

Weekdays can be crazy. The chaos surrounding coming home after a busy day can feel overwhelming. Most of the time, the last thing on your mind is getting a meal on the table. Instead you find yourself inching towards your phone to order something in, even when you know eating fast food isn’t healthy, or cheap! But there are a few tips you can follow to make cooking at home easier and fun…

1. Make it simple

One of the best ways to keep you and your family motivated to cook is to start simply. Decide on something that won’t take too long to prepare, because a complicated recipe and a long waiting time is the last thing you need once you get home! Why not make things even easier with Haloodies amazing range of pre-cooked meats such as the halal hot and spicy chicken fillet, Southern fried chicken mini fillet and the battered chicken bites? They are perfect for hassle-free meals at home and guaranteed to be firm favourites with all. Serve with crunchy, nutrient rich salads, getting the kids to help with the chopping and adding of herbs.

2. Get everyone involved

Make sure to designate a job to each member of your family. Working together to prepare your meals feels less like a chore and a lot more like fun family time! Don’t believe in ‘too many cooks…’ The older kids can do the mixing and basic cutting and chopping while the younger ones can help wash the veggies and to lay the table. Great conversations will ensue, and you won’t feel the time you spend in the kitchen as a task. Plus, many hands make light work!

3. Decorate your kitchen

Don’t worry, this is not a suggestion to completely overhaul your décor! Instead, add a few touches here and there. Add some colour and some kitchenware that jazzes things up a bit. If there are any areas that look cluttered, de-clutter and free up your counter space. You will be surprised how a few little details can make all the difference to how you feel in your kitchen. So, put out those pretty dishcloths and crockery and make your kitchen a special place that inspires you.

4. Plan ahead

During the weekend, get everyone together and plan your meals for the week. Sort out recipes that require fresher ingredients for Monday and Tuesday, and for the rest of the week go for meals that won’t require many stops at the supermarket. When you stock up on groceries you will feel more inclined to come home and cook, the process being faster, easier.

You’ll be surprised how soon cooking at home becomes an enjoyable routine that no longer feels like a chore! Happy cooking!

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