11 Moving Hacks You Wish You Knew

11 Moving Hacks You Wish You Knew

Moving is often a tedious process that involves lots of planning. Let's take packing and unpacking, for instance.

These tasks seem simple, but next thing you know, you're ten boxes deep and still have half your apartment to pack up.

Fortunately, there are some moving hacks that will make this process seamless and hassle-free.

Hack #1: Hire Professional Movers

Choosing to do everything yourself will leave you exhausted and frustrated. Moving larger items like furniture, pianos, or appliances is challenging. \

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Attempting to move heavy items on your own or with no experience increases the risk of injury.

It's always better to leave it to the professionals! Opt for reputable and reliable professional movers. They will pack, load, and unpack all your items. They also have access to the best moving tools,trucks, not to mention the vast amount of experience that they carry under their belts as well.

Thankfully, there are usually many removalists that you can consider when moving. Professional removalists will come with years of experience, they will make your moving easier and less stressful.

Hack #2: Declutter Before Moving

Not everything needs to make its way to your new home. Throwing or giving away items that you don't need anymore is an excellent way to declutter your home before even moving into your new apartment / home.

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See this as an opportunity to part with items that are no longer useful to you.

Pro Tip! - Remember, When packing, create three piles: selling, donating, and trash. This means you'll arrive at your new abode with only the items you actually use and cherish.

Your new home will thank you in advance for putting in the effort!

Hack #3: Plan and Pack Early

Planning will ensure you don't miss anything or rush to pack things up last minute. Nothing beats staying organised, especially during a chaotic day like moving.

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After setting your moving date, you need to have a packing plan in place. Use a moving checklist like this one for each room in your home that indicates what you need to pack along with the packing materials that you'll need.

Once you've got the planning phase out of the way, it's time to pack! Start with the easy, less cluttered areas like a garage, basement, or shelving units.

Packing things from these places will make you feel like you're progressing quickly and motivate you to do more. Items that are used every day should be packed last.

Hack #4: Use Different Sized Boxes and Bins

Bins and boxes come in various sizes, and it's important to know which items to pack in certain packages and containers.

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For things like dishes and cups that are easily breakable, a shallow bin will prevent them from shifting around. Pack heavy items in small boxes, as they will be easier to carry and reduce the chances of breaking.

Light items like linens and pillows should go into bigger boxes.

Hack #5: Use the Correct Labels

It's essential to label the contents of the packing box or bin and which room it belongs to. This goes hand in hand with being organised during your move.

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Many people often forget to do this, which results in having to find items during the chaos of a move.

Labelling will ease your unpacking process as you will know which box and bin go where at a glance.

For boxes with fragile items, please ensure you have labelled them, as you do not want someone or you to be rough with them.

Hack #6: Use What is Available

Purchasing boxes and bins is an additional cost that can be avoided using what is already available.

This may include suitcases, duffel bags, baskets, and reusable grocery bags. You will be amazed at how many packing supplies you already have within your own home!

Hack #7: Pack Clothes with their Hangers On

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When packing, remember, you don't actually need to take your clothes off the hangers.

Instead, use trash bags to protect your hanging clothing.

Leaving clothes on hangers is an efficient and fast way to move your clothing. When unpacking, you will only need to remove the trash bag and hang your clothes in the closet.

Not only does this save time but energy.

Hack #8: Use Towels and Clothing as Padding

Newspaper and bubble wrap is necessary when moving. However, you can also consider using clothing, bedding, and towels, which will be among the things you carry with you.

Kitchen towels can cover sharp objects like knives and forks; you can use towels to pad bins and boxes with fragile items, while blankets can wrap large items like mirrors.

You can also use t-shirts to pad the top of boxes and bins.

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Hack #9: Pack Essentials Separately

Separating your essential items is highly important as

They can easily be lost on moving day. These items include:

  • Toiletries

  • Hair dryers

  • House and Car Keys

  • Sponges and Rags

  • Laundry Detergent

  • Dishwasher Detergent

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • Dustpan and Broom

  • Important Documents

  • Wallet

  • Medicines

  • Phone chargers

All these items should be carefully placed in areas where you can get to them once you arrive at your new destination.

Items used during the first few days should be labelled in the "Open first box."

Hack #10: Plan For Your Utilities

Always make sure you set up utilities like home insurance, gas, water, and electricity to avoid arriving at a dark home.

When you arrive, setting these utilities up is going to be the last thing on your mind. Planning for these utilities will go a long way to put your mind to ease as you adjust to your new home and environment.

Hack #11: Have a Plan For Pets and Kids

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Pets and children will not be used to moving,They will therefore be a lot more sensitive to the situation.

If you have kids too young to help with the moving, you can keep them busy with play materials like crayons and games that will keep them occupied.

You can also have them stay at a friend's or relative's while you focus on moving.

Further, if you have pets, have a friend or relative look after them, so they don't get in your way.

Planning for pets and kids will relieve some stress as you don't have to keep looking after them during the move.

In Conclusion

Wall. It's often very difficult to have a perfect moving day,These hacks will certainly help smoothen the operation a little bit more.

Following the above moving hacks should give you a good start in your new home and ensure fewer mishaps in your new relocation. Best of luck, and enjoy your new home!

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