Your Complete Guide to Better Sleep in 2021

Your Complete Guide to Better Sleep in 2021

You may have been scrolling through Brillia reviews for adults lately looking for advice on how to get to sleep quicker, stay asleep longer and feel better in the morning, and you wouldn’t be alone. Many adults and children alike either don’t get the hours of sleep they need or the quality of sleep they need. In 2021, make it your goal to get better sleep by making some easy lifestyle changes and following some fun hacks, like trying sleep meditation kids or creating a nighttime routine. Short on ideas? Here’s the handy complete guide to a better night’s rest!

Establish Your Own Unique Nighttime Ritual

Getting to bed can sometimes be all about the mindset, and it’s not always easy to transition out of “work mode”. For that reason, you might find it helpful to establish a unique mini nighttime routine that can help signal to your mind that it’s time for bed. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated – you could scroll through Brillia reviews an hour before bed, then turn your phone off and spend the rest of the time before bed putting on cosy pyjamas, drinking tea and listening to slow jazz, for instance.

Make Minor - But Important! - Adjustments to Your Sleeping Space

If your sleeping space isn’t comfortable, you’ll have a tough time getting to sleep. The environment you fall asleep in can even affect the quality of the sleep, so it’s worth it to make some minor comfort adjustments to your sleeping space. Some helpful ones to consider are:

  • Turning down the room temperature a few degrees and grabbing an extra comforter
  • Setting up a relaxing white noise machine by the bed
  • Plugging in air fresheners around the room
  • Turning on the ceiling fan or window fan

Keep in mind that sometimes you may just need a total change of environment to get to sleep, so some nights, that might mean leaving the bedroom and going to sleep in a different room of the house. Though the best long-term solution is to feel comfortable in your own bed, it’s ok to make changes as needed on a nightly basis!

Turn Off Technology and Try Old-Fashioned Habits Before Bed Instead

Blue light can not only strain your eyes but may even be keeping you up at night – and unfortunately, it’s emitted by just about every screen. Though scrolling through your phone can feel like fun and a bedtime TV marathon may have become second nature, turning off technology at least an hour before bed can help wind you down mentally and help you sleep better. Instead of looking at screens up until bedtime, try some old-fashioned habits instead, like curling up with a book or working on some crocheting in bed.

Conclusion - Getting to sleep, getting deep enough sleep and staying asleep for enough hours can all be challenges for kids and adults alike. Because sleep is critical for all types of functioning, though, you should consider making it a priority in 2021. If you’ve always had a hard time winding down, these simple lifestyle changes and soothing ideas can help turn things around for you. In the upcoming year, you could use this guide to get some seriously deep sleep!

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