Why Static Web Design is need of the Hour?

Why Static Web Design is need of the Hour?

Static website designs are back in trend. The days when businesses used to have moving characters all over their landing pages to make it look interesting to have now faded into oblivion. Companies both small and large are using static websites these days.

If you are a tech-newbie, you should not be that familiar with the terms. It does not help that we are flooded with thousands of new terms every day in this technical world. Technically, a static website is built using only CSS and HTML and does not involve scripting. To change the content that appears source code to be edited directly. The Dynamic Web Page has both the back end and the front end scripts to host the web pages within a website. The dynamic websites interact with the database to serve content like static websites.

In simple words, a static website is the one where the content on the websites stays the same for every visit whereas for a dynamic website the content changes with every visit. For instance, your favourite daily feed and the interaction platform like Facebook is a type of dynamic websites, whereas a site talks about the particular services.
Now the question that arises is what compelled this sudden comeback of these static web designs? Was it the changing technological scenarios? Ease of familiarity or something else entirely?

Or it is a classic case of what goes around comes around?
Following are the cool reasons why you should try static websites today.

What should you do when your website is finally up and running? Handling massive traffic on the dynamic website should be a cumbersome process as it needs complex code playing on the server. Basic status websites that have HTML files can be scaled easily by increasing the bandwidth.

The absence of a database or middleman makes the static website much more easy and speedy to load. A static web designing is ten times faster than the dynamic sites that are built using the CMS. Another reason for the static website runs faster than it can be served from the node closest to the browser.
According to the research, around forty-seven percent of the people expect the website to load within two seconds and a whopping forty percent of people will not wait for the website to load for longer than three seconds. However, getting a static website also helps in getting more traffic by reducing the abandonment rate caused due to static loading.

As no intermediary is the database involved, the threat of code injection is minimal for a static website. No dynamic software and plugins to host the website. Static websites are a safe bet compared to dynamic ones when it comes to security as they do not rely on CMS plugins. JavaScript and APIs are used to handle the dynamic functions of static websites, eliminating the risk of getting hacked. On the other hand, active websites are highly prone to get hacked because of multiple plugins and content sources.
According to the White Security report states that around seventy percent of WordPress sites are at risk of getting hacked by malicious hackers as of the lack of maintenance and upgrading.

Price And Hosting
The static websites have basic HTML files that need less space making the hosting of these websites cheaper than that of the dynamic websites. Companies that have static websites save up on the channel and cost those resources to integrate git or automated builds to incorporate the latest changes in the system.

We all have occasionally comes across the error message saying that the connection can not be established. This primarily occurs because of database errors. Serving just basic HTML files makes it easier to host them anywhere with ease like on a CDN. Here, whenever there must be an attack on the server, the static websites is just redirected to the other closest node, unlike the dynamic alternative where the website might go down for few hours.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Static Web Page Design has a terrific comeback and they are here to stay to more benefits than the demerits. As a website is a digital face on the business, companies take into consideration all the necessities and factors of the business website and should assess all the new platforms and tools before making a website.

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