Whole to be white just take 30 days one of these cures

Whole to be white just take 30 days one of these cures

In the name of whites, people have a lot of money smoke against expensive chemists. It is not that these things often do not benefit from these things, these creams often make you worse instead of whites.

If you are spending similar expenses, read this once. because. Initially the magic of creams giving good results are temporary. Do you know that there are only handicap items in your kitchen that allow you to whiten the skin.

Trying to paint the face and color of the face is necessary not only from the inside but also from the inside. If the proportion of vitamins and minerals is equal in body then the glow on the face will appear. Even if you apply a face-pack made with natural items, then the blade is even more available.

Beauty enhances health

Take a lemon juice in the Navsheka water and bath it. Every morning drink lemon and honey.

- The color of the gourd opens every day for two to three months.

- In the morning, drinking the juice of an empty carrot carrots also reveals color.

- Keep the stomach always clean. Do not let constipation cause it acne.

- Drink at least five liters of water per day.

- Drink Green Tea or Green Coffee

- Pranayam also faces the face.

It will be fascinated by this fakpeque, beauty will be shaky

Just do not have enough results for fax packing, so you have to do some work before, such as scrubbing and cleaning. That is to wash the face first and clean. Then clean face with raw milk and after scrubbing, apply facechalk.

Turmeric Facepack:
Mix turmeric and four drops of lemon juice in turmeric and basement, apply paste on the face and after 10 minutes wash it.

Honey Almond Pack:
Soak 10 almonds in the water at night. Make it paste in the morning and paste it. Mix little honey in it and paste it on the skin and dry it out after drying.

In this, there is the strength to remove the color of the skin as well as all the stain-ticking. This is a painless treatment for allergies and acne. For this, mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice and tomato in Chandan powder. Put this paste on face and neck and dry it, then drain it with cold water.

Choroli Pack:
To get a great color, take maida (Manjishtha), turmeric powder and gram powder and add a little honey and rosewater to it and paste it. Apply this paste to face, neck, hands. Wash after half an hour. By doing this twice in seven days, the color of the skin will change.

Basement Ubuntu:
This is the cheapest and effective solution. Add 2 teaspoon basin, 1 spoon of basil oil and a little milk and add paste. Apply the whole body as ugly. After a few minutes, clean it up and clean. This will make the skin not only white but also silken.

From now on, try using any of these solutions, make the skin beautiful, or see the person appreciating!

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