Where To Watch Dota 2 ESports Online

Where To Watch Dota 2 ESports Online

There are millions of people around the world that watch traditional sports on television. They can also watch games on the web. It is common for people to be attracted to their favorite teams in a wide variety of sports. This could include football, baseball, basketball, and even hockey. In the last decade or so, a new type of team sport has been developed. This is called multiplayer gaming. When these first started, prior to the Internet becoming extremely fast, it was limited to a choice few individuals that have the time, and the computer power, to play these games together. Today, there are millions of people that are playing these multiplayer games. One of the more popular ones is called Defense of the Arts. More popularly referred to as Dota 2, it is now something that you can watch online and is referred to as one of the many eSports.

An Overview Of ESports

There are many different eSports that are on the web today. They are typically revolving around multiplayer games that are in completely different settings. CSGO, League of Legends and Dota 2 are among the most popular. They have an incredible following with many teams that play against each other. The people that play can be situated anywhere in the world. It has become so big that they actually have major rivalry tournaments where they will compete against one another. What is interesting about all of this is that it's very similar to fantasy football. It is an imaginary realm where imaginary players go up against each other. What is also very similar is that money is often wagered when people are betting on these games. It has become an industry that is slowly morphing into how we gamble on real world sports.

What Exactly Is Dota2?

This is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients. It is a free to play multiplayer game. You are going to participate on an online battle arena. Your primary goal is to go up against teams where you are trying to destroy the Ancient. By defending your Ancient against the team coming out you, you are able to move up in levels as you successfully defeat other teams. It gives you an isometric perspective that is three-dimensional. As you defeat other players, and subsequently destroyed the other team's Ancient, you will be given additional abilities. As the teams become stronger, they become more valuable. This is where the gambling comes in. There have been many problems associated with this in the past, but for now, there are people that will attend worldwide online gatherings where they will watch players participate in this eSport.

How Do You Play Dota 2?

Inside what is called a multiplayer online battle arena, you are going to be on one of two teams. Each of the teams can have five people. The teams are working together to destroy what is called The Ancient. Real-time strategy controls are used to manipulate all of the players and their activities on the digital screen. There are a total of 115 playable characters. These are referred to as heroes. You will have to choose one of those in order to play the game. The one that you choose will be based upon what you prefer. Each of them is going to be different in regard to weaknesses, strengths, and their overall appearance. There are two roles that each character will fit into. They will either be someone that can carry, or someone that can provide support. If you decide to be one of the Carries, then you will end up starting out very weak. As time passes, however, you can become much more powerful, usually one of the players that can lead the team to a certain victory. As you gain abilities, and participate in the magic system within the game, you will start to see why so many people enjoy this. However, for many people it's all about the tournaments.

What Tournaments Do They Play?

These are referred to as a Premier Tournament. Those that are participating can access what is called a prize pool. The best teams in the world are going to compete against one another. They are typically sponsored by Valve, the company responsible for the game. Despite being online, these are held in different locations. People will travel to these places in order to participate. Some of the prizes are as much as $1 million. They have actually reached as high as over $24 million which happened in Seattle back in 2017. The current prize that will be offered for The International 2018 which will be held in Vancouver will have a prize of just over $20 million. There are specific dates where people can plan to watch these tournaments online. You just have to know where to go to see them.

Where To Watch Dota 2 ESports Online

If you want to watch these online, it's very easy to do. There are specific websites that you can go to. Not only can you see these on YouTube, but you can go to well-known websites such as Dan Of Geek or simply head over to E Sport Bet in order to see these games when they are played. Additionally, even mainstream companies such as ESPN have a specific section on their website where you can watch them in action. This is typically carried over what is called live streaming, which means that there will be a server that will upload everything in a real-time video feed. The event will then be broadcast from that location. It is because of the popularity of Dota 2 that live streaming sites have popped up everywhere. This includes Twitch, YouTube Gaming and Major League Gaming, all of which are becoming more popular than ever before.

If you are interested in watching Dota 2 eSports online, you now know exactly where to go. You won't have to worry about missing out on the tournaments as long as you can find the websites that are displaying when they are going to happen. Unlike the players which will have to travel to the locations where they will participate, you can watch everything on your computer screen. You just have to know the dates, and the websites that will broadcast everything, so that you can participate and also bet on the different teams.

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