What Do You Need To Do Before Wedding Boudoir Sessions?

What Do You Need To Do Before Wedding Boudoir Sessions?

“Do you know about the things you need to do prior to wedding boudoir sessions? No? Then read the blog”.

Choosing the perfect gift for your significant other can be quite tricky, especially if you want it to be unique and memorable! This is the reason why you must consider a boudoir session. It is fun, overwhelming, thrilling, and of course, your partner would love it! All you need to do is prep so that you look your best in front of the camera. Choose clothing items you would be comfortable in and do not forget to visit the salon to get your hair and nails done!

And here are a few other things, which you need to do before your shoot with your Seattle Boudoir Photographer.

Drink the bridal elixir: You must be thinking what am I talking about? Well, it is a drink that boosts your metabolism, helps you slim down, helps in digestion, reduces bloating and makes you look great with glowing skin and hair. All you need to prepare this drink is warm water, organic apple cider vinegar, raw honey, and lemon, in proper proportions. Mix them together and drink it every morning! Trust me; you would see results within a week.

Exfoliate the skin: You must exfoliate your skin so that it looks younger. It helps in getting rid of dead skin cells, cellulite and makes the skin look glowing.

Drink a lot of water: I tell this to my clients always and that is, drink a lot of water. You have no idea how important it is to keep yourself hydrated. You will even feel lighter as it would help in proper digestion of food. Drinking water keeps you full for longer periods of time, which would also reduce your hunger.

Avoid food that leads to bloating: Do not commit the mistake of eating food that promotes bloating such as pizzas, fries, chips, and other such junk food. Do not drink carbonated drinks and instead, drink ice tea or fruit juice. Many do not feel good and light after eating veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. So it would be better to avoid these veggies as they promote bloating.

Avoid alcohol: I know all the jitters are there and you would love a glass of wine, but trust me honey, this is a control you wouldn’t regret. Do not drink the week prior to the shoot. But if you need a bit of liquid courage at the shoot, go for it!

Collagen: If you book your session earlier, then you will have time to include collagen in your everyday drinks. It will help your skin, as well as your hair, look good, and would also lead to stronger and healthier nails.

Period: Do not book the session during that time of the month, because generally, most women face mood swings as well as remain bloated during that time. Also, you will be wearing lingerie so it might just get a little uncomfortable for you.

Pamper Yourself: You are getting married! Feel it and live the moment. Also pamper yourself as much as you can because this time would not come back. Go for manicures, pedicures, massage session, spas, detox bath, etc. This would help you feel better and more confident.

Go Shop: We just need one excuse to shop, right? So make sure you indulge in some lingerie shopping before the session.

So these are basically the things, which you need to do before your shoot with your chosen Austin Boudoir Photographer. Be wise and make sure you put in efforts before the shoot. Don’t just go for the shoot because you have to. Experience the journey and enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. To know more about choosing the best boudoir photographer, please read my blogs and articles. Thank me later!

Author Bio: Julia is a Boudoir Photographer and a regular blogger on boudoir shoots, ideas and choosing the best Austin Boudoir Photographer. To know more about Boudoir Photographer, read her blogs.

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