Vapaura has All the Supplies and Answers You Need

Vapaura has All the Supplies and Answers You Need

At Vapaura, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with top quality, cost-effective e-liquid, wax, and dry herb vaporizers. We sell some of the best vape products in the world and offer a superb customer service experience you don’t get at most vape shops. It’s not a surprise that vaping has become extremely popular during the last several years; if you’re a veteran vaper or simply interested in starting and want to know more information, let us assist you throughout your vaping experience. Whether you’re looking for a Bo One vaporizer, a Da Buddha desktop vaporizer, or an Arizer Air vaporizer, we have all of that and everything in between. Here is a short list of common questions we receive that might help you with your vaping needs and questions.

What is a Vaporizer and What Type Should I Use?

A vaporizer is a device used to heat herbs or e-liquids at a low temperature in order to release an aromatic vapor rather than smoke. Vapor produced by vaporizers contains nearly no particulate matter and can reduce noxious gases. Vaporizers are usually small and discreet and allow users to achieve the same desirable effects without smoke. There are several different styles of vaporizers, such as:

• Whip Style: uses rubber tubing, inhalation will pull heat over your herb, or wax, e-liquid (Atmos, Pulsar)
• Forced Air: has a built-in fan that pushes air out of vaporizer and fills balloons of vapor (Vaporfection)
• Multi-Functional: contains both whip and forced air functions and can also include balloon filling (Grindhouse Shift, Vapium Summit)
• Pen Style: one of the most common styles of vaporizers, named because they resemble the shape of a pen; very discreet and can quickly heat vapor within 5-15 seconds (Vaporix, Vaporite, Cloud Pen)
• Portable: another common style of vaporizer, portable vaporizers are often small and lightweight for easy transportation and have many different types of styles and options (Life Saber, Bo One, Vapir No1 2)

What Can I Use for My Vaporizer?

There are several different substances you can use with your vaporizer. It is important to know what exactly you’ll be using your vaporizer for, because this will impact the style of vaporizer you should be using. What we mean is, some vaporizers work well with certain substances while others aren’t quite as compatible with certain substances. Here are the three most common substances people use with their vape:

• Waxy Concentrates: extracted from dry herb and can be extracted from CO2 or butane
• Dry Herb: comes from dried and cured plant material and contains beneficial effects when vaporized
• E-Liquids: type of liquid used in electronic cigarettes and typically consists of a concentrated flavor that includes nicotine

How Will My Vaporizer Work?

Your vaporizer will have a heat source that is generated either electronically or by flame. Electronic plug-in vaporizers will be plugged directly into an outlet and are typically used with desktop units. Electronic vaporizers typically perform best since they have a constant stream of power. Butane powered units typically do not need a charger or wires and can be refilled anywhere. Rechargeable batteries can be either internal or external and are typically used with portable vaporizers. Flame powered vapes don’t require any electricity but, instead, allow you to control the distance from the heat to your vape substance.

While it depends on what you’re looking for and your own personal preferences, we hope that these questions give you the information you need to make a decision about your vaporizer and vape accessories. If you have any additional questions or would just like to speak to someone about vaping, feel free to contact us via email at, via phone at 847-901-3211, or via live chat services available on our website at!

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