Understanding Tubular Battery, Its Specifications and Advantages

Understanding Tubular Battery, Its Specifications and Advantages

A tubular battery (also called a tubular cell or Li-tubes) is a type of rechargeable lithium-ion battery that consists of multiple cylindrical cells, each consisting of a single layer metallic lithium foil current collector (tube), and two separated electrodes. The tubular battery is a variant of the lead-acid storage battery which has been in use since 1859. It consists of numerous lead sheets, rolled into a tube or can and separated from one another by paper spacers.

In a tubular battery, the anode and cathode are formed by winding a metal wire spiral around each end of a cylinder-shaped core. Tubular batteries have been used since 1890 to power clocks, radios, and hearing aids. They can produce about ten times more energy per volume than conventional round batteries that use pressed carbon electrodes.

Advantages of Tubular Battery

A tubular battery comprises a series of rollable thin metal sheets. For long-term power backup demands, a tubular battery for inverter is ideally suited and also has a longer lifespan. Tubular batteries last longer than flat plate batteries and typically have a longer warranty duration. After much development and refinement, this system was found to have significant advantages over traditional flat plate batteries. The issues associated with vibration, rough terrain/control surface movement were eliminated.

Running at a higher voltage than typically used in similar systems provides improved performance per unit weight while reducing cell count and cost. Here are some more advantages.

  • The first advantage of a tubular battery is the attractive design which makes this type of battery more interesting compared to the other conventional ones thus it can be seen in many places like shops, offices etc.

  • The second one is the enhanced durability it offers. When compared to common batteries, tubular ones last longer before recharging. This increased durability comes from an improved structure that may resist a greater amount of energy without discharge or loss.

  • There are minimal chances of explosion due to pressure build-up which may occur if liquid electrolyte leaks out. This feature makes it suitable for mobile use, as well as unvented applications such as photovoltaic systems (solar panels).

Specifications To Keep In Mind.

Tubular batteries are extremely reliable and have a long life cycle of about 15 years or more if used properly and maintained in a decent manner.

Cylindrical cells consist of a metallic lithium foil current collector (tube), two separated electrodes pressed together inside a vacuum-sealed aluminum case during the manufacturing process.

The backbone of the tubular battery which holds the entire structure of the battery together is made using a high pressure HADI casting procedure, which can help maintain the battery’s long lie cycle even during high temperature operations and extreme and rigorous use.

The tubular cells can be arranged into a battery pack with a protection board, cooling module, or integrated circuit chip for energy monitoring purposes. As it contains a metallic lithium foil current collector (tube), which acts as a separator between electrodes, a tubular battery does not require plastic film in between electrodes like conventional li-ion batteries do.

The Way Forward

The tubular battery is a promising new concept that could revolutionize the way we store energy. With greater longevity, better safety features and more power than traditional batteries, this technology has the potential to change how people interact with their devices in ways never possible before. While it's still too early for us to know if the tubular battery will take off or not, there's no denying it is as an innovation worth keeping an eye on.


The future is now brighter and we’re closer than ever to have an affordable, sustainable source for clean power sources that could make our planet greener and more livable. However, it is essential to buy the tubular battery wisely and therefore, always go for reputed brands as they ensure quality.

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