Transgender Female to Male Transition - This is How TG lives

Transgender Female to Male Transition - This is How TG lives

We’re going to be talking a little bit about some gender affirmation surgery options for a female to the male transgender patient. It would be helpful to maybe goes through some basic anatomy of the pelvis.

That will lead us right into what kind of surgery options are available for patients once we talk about those surgical options, we wanted to give everyone a little bit of a sense of what the recovery would be like for the different surgery options available and definitely talk about life after surgery because that would be the whole point of doing it in the first place. At the very end we wanted to go through a little bit of what some fertility options are available to patients after they decide to proceed with some gender affirmation surgeries by way of some background the path which is the guiding organization that gives us a lot of the guidelines in to gender affirmation surgery that is the kind of surgery both effective and medically necessary in the hospitals.

Testosterone Side Effects during the Transition phase

Testosterone is a male character determining hormone but on the other aspect, it also has some side effects too if you see especially in the transitioning process.
Here are the side effects of Testosterone.
• Enhancing breasts in Male
• Erections become prolonged
• Rashes start appearing on the skin
• Sometimes Nausea is observed
• Acne and retention of water

We've looked at some trends as to how many people are choosing to go forward with surgery and from the National transgender discrimination survey that was done in 2011 we know that about 21% of trans men have decided to go through with a hysterectomy.
The process of Female to Male Transition

In certain conditions, a more complex reconstruction is required known as vasoepididymostomy.
Epididymis and testicle begin in a similar manner to a vase ostomy a midline scrotal incision is made after which the obstructed Vasil segment is removed. The fluid on the testicular side is sampled under microscopy in this particular case microscopic analysis does not demonstrate the presence of any sperm in that scenario surgeons would proceed with an epididymis ostomy. The fluid is again sampled and this time demonstrates the presence of normal sperm once sperm is identified the stitches are then placed inside the lumen of the vas deferens.
Transgender from female to Male is a very complicated process too and it takes a lot of time in the proper functioning of the newly originated organ.

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