Top Ten Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Landscaper

Top Ten Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Landscaper

Hiring a landscaper is a big decision, and it’s a decision that every person must take correctly in the first time. As a homeowner, you need to know many things before hiring a landscaper. It is crucial to know about the things like qualifications, licensing and insurance of the agency you are going to hire for designing your yard.

There are plenty of questions that you need to ask a landscaper agency before hiring it to work on your landscape project. This post shares the top 10 questions that every homeowner should ask before hiring a landscape professional.

What services do they offer?

The first question that every homeowner should ask is about the services they offer. Ask the landscaper that which services they provide to decide whether he or she is the right person for your landscape project. Ask the company whether they are experienced with the type of work you want for your home and garden landscaping project.

Are they licensed to work on landscape projects?

The agency you hire for your project should be licensed to work on such projects. Hiring an unlicensed contractor can leave you open to all possible problems. On the other hand licensed professionals are experienced and certified to work on any landscape project, which keeps you protected from any issues.

How much experience do you have?

Ask the landscape agency about the experience it holds for working on the residential landscaping projects. It is vital to hire an agency with a minimum of 10 years of work experience in working on the similar landscaping projects. Offering your home and garden landscaping project to an experienced agent will ensure you that it will meet your expectations.

Are they covered with Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation?

Ask the company whether their labour is insured or not. You can be held liable for any harm that happens to a person while working on your project. Liability insurance protects you from the problems if anything goes wrong and the person working on your project is harmed. Make sure that the landscaper you hire is covered with the liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Ask them about their certifications.

Ask them about any certifications and accreditations related to the landscape projects. Although certifications are not essential, they reflect the agency’s quality of work, experience and best practices. Ask them if they have a certification in the type of landscaping project on which you want them to work. Accreditation is a sign that the company is reputed and up to date with the industry developments.

Ask for the examples of previous work

You should ask them about the examples of their previous projects. A reputed company will be ready to show you the examples of their previous home and garden landscaping projects. The work examples in the form of photo galleries and videos tell you about the quality, style and thoroughness of their work. By the quality and style of their work, you can check whether the agency can meet your expectations.

What are the payment terms?

It is essential to ask about the payment terms of the project before hiring a landscaping agency. You need to understand the payment terms thoroughly concerning the work delivery. Does the company require the payment entirely up front or there are financing options available? Make sure that there will be no hidden charges on completion of the project.

Do you offer the maintenance of plants and hardscape you install?

The plants and hardscape they install in your garden are an investment that you need to maintain properly. Ask the agency if they would take care of the service and maintenance of plants they install in your garden. Hiring a professional that is not limited to the installation would offer you peace of mind that your landscape would be maintained in the best way.

Do you offer any warranties of your work?

Ask for the warranties on the plants, materials and labour and ensure that if anything does not work as committed, they will provide the required service under warranty. Ask whether they offer any warranty on the plants, trees and hardscape they install in your garden.

Are you familiar with the local codes and permits?

Many landscape projects need to follow the local codes and permits. Working without following the permits can cause problems during your project. Some contractors do so to avoid the fees and cut the costs. Such practices can put you in serious trouble. Make sure the contractor your hire follows the local codes and permits related to landscaping projects.

Final Words

There is a plethora of questions to ask before hiring a professional for your landscaping project. The points mentioned in this post are the top questions to ask while hiring a landscaping professional. Considering these questions will help you to hire the right company for your home and garden landscaping project. Blue Tongue Property and Maintenance is expert landscaper Brisbane.

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