Top 5 Secrets To A Flawless Camera- Ready Face

Top 5 Secrets To A Flawless Camera- Ready Face

If you love makeup, you might already be familiar with how real the struggle is when it comes to staying flawless and selfie-ready all day. We all know how our foundation can disappear by mid-morning and our hair getting flat and dull during the day. Smartphones are everywhere and selfie addictions are abounding, you do want to achieve that perfect snap-ready style every single time. Whether you’re going to be in front of a TV camera or just a camera phone, in this article, we reveal the top secrets for you to have that ‘camera-ready’ face!

#1 Prep Your Face

Makeup is art and you would want to treat your face as a blank canvas. Make sure that before you apply anything, you want your ‘canvas’ to be clean and smooth. Remember the three steps of skincare? Cleanse, tone, moisturize. Following these steps will prepare your face and help your makeup to glide smoothly and evenly.

#2 Moisturize

I’ve already mentioned this above and this is very important. Some people skip this step because they think that applying moisturizer will just make your face oilier and greasy when in fact it can help the makeup to look more hydrated. Try noticing how your face looks without any moisturizer and apply your makeup, it looks worse and makeup clings to dry areas on the skin and even soaks into fine lines. A tip here is, don’t overdo your moisturizer and just apply enough amount of it. There are various water-based moisturizers you can buy from the drugstore without leaving you that heavy feeling on your face.

#3 Primer or Beauty Balm

If you’re already good with your favorite primer then go ahead but if you haven’t heard of a beauty balm, you might ask what is it? A beauty balm can you give better results than a regular primer. It acts as an all-in-one facial cosmetic that fuses the function of other skin-care and makeup such as sunblock, primer, anti-aging serum, moisturizer, foundation, etc. You can either use your bare hands or makeup brush. Using your bare hands alone are great due to the natural warmth they have which will help the makeup to really get absorbed by your skin evenly. If you prefer using a brush, make sure that you use broad strokes to sweep and blend the makeup onto the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. There might be tiny makeup lines that are left behind after the foundation has set, so use the end of the foundation brush and gently blend these areas with small, circular motions.

#4 Concealer

Now that you have prep your face, it’s time to move forward to concealing your problem areas. Concealer is the hack for any spots, acne, and dark circles you may want to cover and hide. If you don’t want any of these to show up in front of the camera, let your concealer do the job. Some people have their own way of applying this product. Whether it’s a beauty blender, a small foundation brush, concealer brush, or even your fingertips, the most important thing is to dab on and then blend, blend, blend. There are lots of options out there for high-coverage concealers.

#5 Camera Ready Finish Foundation

And finally, this is your top secret. If you keep on using the same regular foundation on your face, you might like to invest in HD Camera Ready Foundations. It was around 1998 when the beauty industry started intriguing that high-definition makeup was on its way. And now, this kind of foundation has improved vastly across different brands. This HD technology–thin, liquid foundation when applied on face and neck finely looks almost imperceptible that gives an airbrush finish, leaving the face flawless without looking like you have covered your face with a pile of foundation on.

So what does HD makeup provide that regular makeup doesn’t? You might say that they are the same in doing their job as foundations but the key term in HD makeup is ‘blurring’. A modern camera can be pretty harsh, but with the foundation's blurring process, it remakes the effects of an old-fashioned soft-focus lens for a more complimentary and forgiving look. There are many great brands that offer soft-focus technology that is mostly worn by many television personalities.

After using the HD foundation, you can set it with an HD Camera-Ready Finish Powder that will give an extremely fine texture and finish to ensure you a non-cakey, almost invisible finish even in close-up. Make sure that you blend the product well into the hairline and around all edges of your face and down to your neck.

And when you are done with these steps, you can complete your whole look with contouring, blush, eye makeup, and lipstick. Don’t forget your skincare and good beauty sleep!

Author Bio:Ivandrea Ollero is a beauty fan and a makeup lover herself, she provides useful makeup techniques and skincare tips for enhancing the natural beauty of everyone. She is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis, one of Australia’s leading makeup and skincare brand.

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