Things to Know When Developing an App

Things to Know When Developing an App

In today's fast world app development companies plays a major role in our daily lives. From shopping to entertainment, gaming to making short funny videos, mobile apps have reached every corner, and these apps are also responsible for engaging people. Talking about the downloads globally then the top mobile app categories are games, photo, video, entrainment, utilities, and shopping, etc. Top mobile app categories that have been making waves for the last two year. As per the previous report, the most downloaded app store category worldwide in Q4 2018 was with Games with the 2.09 billion installations for the quarter.

Let’s have a look at Q4 report categories which are downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

App Store: Q4 Categories by Worldwide Downloads

1. Games – The most popular app categories of crossing 2 billion mark.

2. Photo and Video – This app category was the second largest App store worldwide during Q4 2018 in terms of downloads along with 567 million installs, which are followed by entertainment, utilities, and shopping.

3. Entertainment – Everyone wants to enjoy their leisure time, so entertainment comes in the third app category in terms of downloads.

4. Utilities – The fourth mobile app category is utilities across the app store which help to complete our daily task.

5. Shopping - Shopping is one the most popular category everyone downloads some of the other shopping apps even this category has reached an all-time high for new installs during the quarter growing 11.3% over 4Q17.

Google Play: Q4 Categories by Worldwide Downloads

1. Games – Games is the most popular category on Google play in 04quarter 2018 which has 7.25 billion installations. Besides we have seen a modest growth on Google play in Q4 along with the installation number of increasing by 3% over every year.

2. Tools – Tools takes the second place in Google play category.

3. Entertainment – People like to download apps which help them to enjoy their free time, so it comes under the third category.

4. Communication – Everyone wants to enjoy their medium of communication, so this category comes in the fourth place.

5. Social – Social, mobile app category grew over 53% every year even surpassing photography.

As we’ve already developed over 50 photo and video editing applications along with unique features and functionalities, we have a made list of 4 common features that entrepreneur must consider during photo editing app development.

Below are the given common features which entrepreneur can consider while creating photo editing apps

Below, we have made a list of 4 common features which entrepreneur can consider while developing a photo editing app.

A wide range of editing tools

Editing tools help end users to achieve perfection while creating and saving their pictures. So while developing you need to consider features like filters and basic editing which can help them to enhance their images. It should also help them to do changes like exposure, contrast, fade, brightness, and saturation. In short, an ideal photo editing app allows users to transform the photos into engaging content completely.

Photo Mixer

Given feature help end users to make a collage of several photos by using customizable templates, background, and effects in order to make their photos attractive. Well, this is also one of the basic yet essential app features which you need to consider during photo editing mobile app development.

Body Enhancement Tools

The most vital feature of any photo editing app is to make impressive photos. So, in order to create a successful photo editing app, body enhancement feature is important which you need to consider while developing an app it is also high in demand. Besides while developing photo editing app make sure to create it with an easy user interface which can help to make your app stand out.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Filters

AI filter helps the end users to provide captivating artworks into their pictures. They can choose artwork from their wide range of tools which transforms their pictures according to their choice. It also takes end users photography to the next level.

So for wrapping up above mentioned are the top mobile app categories from you which can choose your mobile application development idea or if you have app idea which is based on the categories like a photo and video entertainment, utilities, shopping then it is high time to transform your app idea into reality.

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