The Ultimate Guide For You To Learn About Premium Wood Blinds

The Ultimate Guide For You To Learn About Premium Wood Blinds

First thing first. Why would someone choose wood blinds over all other kinds available in the market? The answer has always been the same, durability.

Woods is much more durable, sturdy and lasts much longer than most of the blinds made from any other material. Plus, it gives off a look of exquisiteness.

If you are ready to go exquisitely then look for your nearest premium wood blinds provider in Miami Dade FL.

Now let's get into the details of how and why to go for wood blinds.

Easy On Your Pocket

Going for wood blinds is always lighter on your pocket as they will last much longer than other blinds and won't need to be replaced often.

Intricate designs

Wood blinds come in a variety of types and designs with intricate patterns on them. You can go for vertical blinds if you want to. These blinds will be properly polished and will give a brand-new look to the whole area in which they will be installed.

The Right Size of Slats

Finding the right size of slats is as important as choosing the design itself. The size of slats can bring about a great difference in look when we tilt, raise or lower the slats.

As a rule of thumbs, if you are not sure, 2” slats will the best ways to go. This size is the most common that we find out there and fits practically everywhere.

If the window is extra small you might have to go for smaller slat size. On the contrary, if the window is extremely large, or just large in general, it would be better to go with a slightly larger slat size.

If you are not sure you can always call any premium wood blinds provider in Miami Dade FL and ask for a complimentary consultation. They would be more than happy to oblige. Once you know the right fit and the right design you are ready to go.

Great For Your Bathroom And Kitchen

Wood’s innate nature of being moisture and humidity resistant makes it the best material to use for blinds that are to be installed in your bathrooms or kitchen.

These wooden blinds are extremely resilient and can withstand extreme temperature changes without cracking, wrapping and fading.

Great Variety Of Custom Options

With premium wood blinds you have the option to make your blinds cordless. If you have small children or pets then this can be the best way to go.

You can order a custom fit and if you are installing multiple blinds you also have the option to install a shared valance to tie everything neatly together.

Easy Cleaning

Premium wood blinds are extremely easy to clean. In order to get the dust off of the blinds, all you have to do is to use a vacuum brush. Use your vacuum brush to gently remove the dust from the blinds.

In order to wipe off any stain on the blinds all you have to do is to take a damp cloth and gently rub off the stain from the blinds. Rub the cloth on each slat to get the perfect cleaning.

Just make sure to avoid abrasive sponges. These kinds of sponges can damage the wooden blinds. They can damage the protective coating, put scratches on the blinds and might even allow water to get inside the slats.

Variety of Styles

A great variety of styles for premium wooden blinds are available in the market, including:

  • Modern Farmhouse
  • Country
  • Coastal
  • Traditional To Transitional
  • Bohemian

Each of these varieties is specific to the kind of environment in which they are to be fixed.

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