The Right State of Mind to Enjoy Each Moment of Your Journey

The Right State of Mind to Enjoy Each Moment of Your Journey

The best way to enjoy your journey and to make it memorable is to surrender yourself to the moment – because, journey is what’s most important and not the destination. If you spend your whole life working, rushing, and trying to get to this ideal destination, you will miss the journey getting there.

The right state of mind to enjoy each moment of your journey depends on our consciousness to evolve into a better version of ourselves, and to be happy. Patience is key – you don’t have to bother or worry about things that are not in your hands; time flies more swiftly than we expect and mishaps happen, just take a moment for yourself, breath and don’t waste time staying upset.

Laugh at yourself. Don’t take life too seriously, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you would look funny many a times while experiencing new things but let go of all in securities and laugh at yourself on making blunders and finding yourself funny, rather than getting embarrassed.

Meet local people – build conversations with the locals instead of catching up or meeting other tourists. This way you get a lot of knowledge about the place you are visiting. Because, people from the same place you are visiting, make your travelling experience better.

Don’t judge the life of others if it’s different from your own. Keep an open mind and listen to options you don’t agree with. Seize different opportunities, perspectives, possibilities, suggestions, people and interests. You will be surprised as to what you will learn.

Discern everyday life to feel the depth of a place you are at, just watch day to day life happen in front of you. Slow down with your thought process and look closely at all the minute details around you. You get to meet some people, see some places once in a lifetime, and so make sure you remember all of this forever, captured in moments – take lots of pictures while travelling!

There’s always a way out for anything and everything. If you get stuck up while doing something you have been trying to do, don’t just give up – give it one more try, and keep trying until you nail it. Since perseverance pays off, do not settle without trying another time.

This world is not as dangerous as the media portrays it to be. Be alert; be mindful of certain sketchy situations, without making that the main focus of your entire journey. Most people you will meet during your journey will be genuine, trustworthy, friendly, generous, and will be willing to help you. This goes for women too – don’t be afraid!

Slow down. Do not hurry up 4 weeks of your travel by mixing up 4 different countries. You will truly enjoy a new place when you take the time to explore.

Travelling with the right state of mind helps you to function outside the comfort zone. Also, just get going and do not be worried about getting lost if you don’t carry GPS navigation with you while travelling. Lechal’s insoles with haptic technology and heads up navigation lets you prepare for your journey and enjoy without thinking about its battery life. What more? These insoles are absolutely water proof! With Lechal, you don’t have to bother about getting a device wet or going out of coverage or having to look at the screen again and again to check with navigation!

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